Tom Dunn: Detestable (Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques)


New documentary film unveils the secret of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

“Many of you do not know what we have uncovered in the last 35 years.”
Russ Dizdar from the film detestable

For years individuals have been coming forward with stories that are so horrifying that most people find them hard to believe. These accounts detail traumatic memories of Satanic Rituals that involve Human Sacrifice, Sexual Abuse, and Mind Control Techniques.

Even though the reports have been dismissed as nothing more than “panic and myth”, the victims refuse to go away. As witnesses continue to emerge, the reality of an underground power of lawlessness becomes difficult to conceal.

Detestable takes you on a journey from Ritual Abuse to Redemption, from the Book of Ezekiel to the present day, exposing a dark secret that will no longer be ignored. With courage and boldness the survivors relive their nightmares and give hope to all who are suffering.


Category: Opperman Report
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