In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains the Surveillance State from a re-cut of a video we first aired in 2013.
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  • Akcd11r2002

    Think of how many ideas or patents have already been stolen by google,
    simply because someone “searched their idea” on google. How many people has
    google already identified as a threat to “X, Y, Z”…. How many rising
    stars has google already side-lined because they fed them a search result
    which directed that person AWAY from the “Eureka Moment” simply because
    google decided that person is not to succeed because of criteria “X,Y,Z”.
    Google. Is. The. Matrix. How many of you, are actually a google compute
    node? they feed you an idea worth pondering through various media
    platforms, get you to think about it, and then you enter the answer to
    their question via a search query or tweet or post…. RESIST!!!!

  • Queen of Hearts Baby

    HEY ❣❣❣ There ARE so Many High Teck Tower’s Now 📲🔈🔉🔊🔭🔎📡🔍🔭📹🌎📺💻
    Bet Your ASS Your Watched 🔭🔭🔭

  • Joshua Ewell

    Deep. I’ve thought on this before.. I miss the 80’s. Kids all outside
    playing… We used to connect.. not text.

  • Hutch5321

    One of the fundamental challenges we are soon to face is our ability to
    distinguish between what is reality and what is not.
    I could write an entire book on the topics in this video.
    Best just to say .. Bravo, Chris! Great video!

  • Robert Miller

    this can only apply if there is no variable. the problem is that the
    subject is the variable, us. a chess master can only anticipate his
    opponent next move with familiarity of his opponents moves. if the master
    is not familiar with his opponent thinking ten moves ahead only aides in
    speed of the game. the opponent may be more advanced or have a higher
    intelligence. if we can maintain prospective as to WHO is in charge, (I
    mean in charge of you) our free will can only be challenged so far. we the
    subject of whoever wants to control us. this is part of the reason for
    revolution/ revolts. something no government has been able to overcome. our
    last election bears this out.

  • V G

    Google glass = Orwellian horror. It scares me to think that I can’t have
    privacy or anonymity anymore. Total, complete surveillance and control.

  • szczy1234

    everything comes to an end. no matter how indestructible it may seem. roman
    empire fell when it seemed to last another 1000 years. the technology
    doesn’t serve us, the people. it serves to enslave us. it all will end.
    when? it all depends on us.

  • Rae Bowen

    It is the age of “I”. Some one once said “you should always put yourself
    first” when once it was “think of your fellow man”. People used to take
    pictures to make a memory and cherish the people in it. Now it is the
    selfie. Not what was my best friend doing on her birthday but what was I
    doing on her birthday. I remember when imagination and creativity where our
    only form of entertainment. I learned to read because it was necessary to
    encourage my imagination to grow. Now I can’t convince my kids to learn
    because all they really need to do I’d talk to search. Devices have the
    ability to read text to them so what is the point. They don’t see that they
    do nothing else but be dependent on technology. It’s gone. I try to
    encourage the creativity that I know is in them, but they don’t see that
    without creativity they are not ever going to have creative ideas of their
    own. Who is left to design new things, who is left to paint a beautiful
    picture, who is left to think about creating a better world than we have
    today? No one because there will be no one left able to inspire them. They
    won’t remember how to have ideas let alone the creativity it takes to make
    those ideas reality. I fear for the future all children will come to face.

  • Stevethesearcher

    I love these videos. Christopher has a strong sense of spirituality and it
    comes across in these type of videos. Spirituality is very important
    especially today when a lot of people have turned their back on the
    spiritual and fully embraced the material world.

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