WARNING! Pizza Gate is a Trap

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  • Dexter Adams

    Thank you for raising awareness! I keep trying to tell people over the past
    week and people just can’t grasp it. Only my wife and dad understand
    anything I’m saying.

  • Michael Kilcommons

    It is a trap. All the intelligence organisations (CIA, Mossad, MI6, BND
    etc.) use sexual perversions as a way to blackmail politicians and
    influential people. Comet Pizza is just a very small piece of a much larger
    puzzle and if we focus on Comet Pizza we will lose sight of the big
    picture. These organisations (CIA, BND, etc.) are essentially foreign and
    domestic terrorist organisations operating on behalf of Wall St, the oil
    industry etc. They are all an enemy of democracy and should be dealt with

  • dramhidel

    it’s not a trap….but as they say…..if you make the lie big
    enough..people will believe it….this pizza thing is so massivr..people
    don’t want to believe it

  • Iron Fist

    Lol Alex jones is going back on Pizza Gate!! i think you guys are just
    scared to talk about it because you don’t want to get Sued!!!

  • Gingerschnaps

    This warning is well needed.l. I admit, I myself have become consumed to an
    extent by Pizzagate. And I think it’s because of the emotional impact it
    had, the nature of it is disturbing to the fullest. But I already see the
    MSM gearing up to discredit all of us “conspiracy theorists”. This is part
    of the bigger picture that impacts ALL of us. We need to tread carefully
    and be mindful of our actions as you say. Well done

  • Laura Spalding

    You do realize that if these ppl are actually brought down or the truth
    finally comes out, you will be completely irrelevant just like the msm?

  • Laurie Potter

    I hear you. So many YouTube media channels are reporting on this and I
    cannot stand to listen to it. It’s sick news and I will not listen/ cannot
    stand to listen to it. I believe that they are guilty of these sick acts
    and I wish someone would just take them out.

  • Matt Jordan

    You are the man! Man, do you have much knowledge of the annunaki? I’ve been
    listening to you for a long time but never hear you link our history to our
    current times. I’d love to see you work with Gerald Clark and John rose.
    Please check them out on YouTube.

  • V G

    What worries me is that so many people are trolling Wikileaks and stopping
    donations and saying the CIA is in control of them. These people are doing
    so much damage and discrediting this wonderful organisation Wikileaks. We
    need brave people. Even if Assange was dead or missing, we gotta carry on,
    for fucks sake! All these claims about Assange, lizard alien people and
    PizzaGate traps are distractions. Investigate Podesta, Hillary Clinton and
    leave Assange work in peace! His lawyers, the embassy, Sara Harrison or
    Jule’s mom would have said something by now, but no. JULIAN IS ALIVE AND

  • Val Cronin

    The worst that could befall journalists is being labeled ‘fake news’
    (assuming care is taken not to slander anyone–which should ALWAYS be the

    But if you dissuade people from reporting on this, the worst that could
    happen is extending suffering and injustice.

  • Lowbrow

    I don’t know what I believe. I just know that if I was being accused of
    such crimes, as Mr Podesta is; I would come out and explain those emails…
    No matter how bad the truth is, it would have to be better. Why are they
    acting so dismissive? It’s insane. I hate how the media is acting toward
    1/2 the population. I pray for Julian Assage.

  • Kevin Huddle

    So if pizzagate is true then shouldn’t everyone be seeking the truth? I
    understand its a trap, but how can we win? We saw this attack coming. The
    fact that they are attacking means there’s legitimacy to these claims.

    Easy chris, “if you’re a child molester you deserve a bullet in your
    head..” is an easy soundbit for the media to use.

  • linda slice

    because you believe in Trump I can’t wrap myself anything else you
    say….so many of you guys were all wrong about the election…you are
    wrong about Trump…and therefore i am going with PIZZAGATE!!!!!!!!

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