Who Decides What Is Fake News?

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  • Ramdan Laghouati

    Years of Minds programming went down the drain !
    Be sure that they are puzzled by it .
    It seems that
    They have forgotten that people are decent & good by nature !

  • GreenMountainGrow

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  • Timothy Price

    If it doesn’t further the corporate agenda it is “fake news”. Fake news
    just issued their findings..that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.
    LOL. He and his handlers are going to be tried for treason.

  • Curtis Rock

    Competition will cause this issue to self-correct. Facebook is only as good
    as the eyeballs using it. We can create an alternative when censorship
    becomes an issue

  • zoran knezevic

    Semmelweis was a guy who claimed ‘fake news’ that washing hands can help
    spreading diseases. At that time witches and devils were basically main
    reasons why people get sick and exorcism trough some prayers and collecting
    money for services of very doggy quality were sold by sellers of ‘hope’.
    and he has little bit grumpy character like Alex Jones… instead of trying
    to convince others he wrote big book slandering those who do not believe
    him. Of course he was flagged as a fake news and marginalized for another
    80-90 years until soap and water become one of main rituals of doctors.
    This is an example how suppressing alternative ideas actually suppress
    progress itself.

  • Synergy Nation

    FAKE news isn’t the only kind I wish to filter out of my consciousness. I
    also want to filter out FEAR news. I want news I can use to make a better
    life. I want news which is helpful and true. There are lots of horrific
    things which happen every day in our world. I don’t want to have the NEWS
    about these things. This is where the craft of journalism really has a
    place in our culture. This is why PIZZAGATE isn’t a headline news story on
    the MSM. We need to recognize that they perform a valuable service. They
    could be leading us into violent revolution if that was their objective. I
    think there are some level-headed people in the MSM. There is also an
    increasing amount of government propaganda. I suppose we could discern the
    “good MSM” from the “bad MSM” based on how they cover a story like 9-11. If
    they neglect the huge number of people who reject the official story, then
    they are probably bad guys.

  • Jamfer Jones

    Baseball bats kill people so, let’s ban baseball bats. Freedom of speech
    includes freedom to be an idiot or to embellish or to tell a total
    exaggeration. To decide truth, would require a massive staff.

  • 8wayspeed

    media laws were in place to keep the few from owning the narrative B
    Clinton changed these laws 1996 know the few own the news.

  • Ducenucom

    my opinion a little off topic but to the point of federal government
    the federal reserve bankers soros have truly created brainless zombies. i
    was mad at the protesters now i’m thinking they need to be informed about
    how there country was stolen from them by the federal reserve bankers and
    how the government sold them out for a totalitarian rule under one world
    order agenda (NWO) elites. they cannot see it “how sad”. all i can say is
    theirs a difference between federal reserve bankers & the US government.
    the federal government is the lie to you the citizen. yes, the government
    sold you out to the bankers and the bankers lowered the value of the
    dollar, up the taxes, imposed laws to put the people in a state of
    dependence on the (federal government) for your future. in other words
    slaves to do there bidding. federal means bankers not government,
    government means the protectors of liberty, and freedom from being harmed
    by other countries. the people run the economy not the bankers. bankers
    failed to be honest and placed themselves above the government by lending
    the government money to spend without the approval of the people and make
    the people pay it back with taxes, so its a scam that is allowing the gov
    to spend at an unbelievable rates with no care because the people has to
    pay it back. so there you go federal reserve bankers are the mob boss and
    the government is the collector that shows up at your job and puts their
    fingers in your wallet or purse and pulls there cut out weather you have
    money to eat or not. federal reserve bankers said people do not need the
    power to manage themselves. does this make sense to you the zombie people
    made blind by the federal reserve bankers laws that keeps you blind to
    whats going on in your corrupt government that has sold you out to the
    federal reserve bankers…. peace, please wake up friends
    <><><><><><><><><><><> Bankers scary show me the law that says you are
    required to pay income tax. i did some research and came to this
    conclusion. eyes open
    (oscar movie)
    (Mike & The Mechanics – Silent running)
    (The Alan Parsons Project- Eye in the Sky)
    watch and listen to them with Federal reserve bank and the government in

  • Yusuf Bulbulia

    Those so called New World Order ‘Zionist Freemason Satanic despicable rats’
    are loosing the brain washing propaganda tactics that they’ve been using
    for decades
    some of their tools they use which are non other than CNN,Fox News,BBC,
    MSBC etc etc and the list goes on and on
    owned by the same demented group of people

    now with alternative media which are exposing their sick demented evil ploy
    to destroy and create chaos in the world are being hindered and destroyed

    Praise be to Almighty God.

  • Sally H

    CNN is really dangerous they are worldwide and they have people overseas
    think that we a bunch of scumbags. I have family living in Australia and
    they think the worst of us right now CNN and BBC news are the most ONE
    sided news ever.

  • UsedCondomCollector

    I think Christopher Greene works for the CIA. He’s making these videos to
    distract us. Look at AMTV studios. It’s all government funded! Don’t fall
    for his fakery!

  • YouTube Is Garbage

    Isn’t that just the most impossibly disappointing face of a dweeb you could
    possibly see as “Big Brother.” Even Orwell would quit writing if this was
    Big Brother. He’s such an unfathomably lame loser that he had to become
    Charles Foster Lame and *force* everyone to listen to him. The truth is
    he’s a dweeb that got too many purple nurples and now he wants vengeance
    against the whole world. He’s Jamie Gumm by the mirror but with a trillion
    dollars. He’s also the worst “person” alive.

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