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  • AKlover

    The government is worried about it’s take of tax money. For all you idiots
    paying the “Idiot’s Tax” depending on the state over 1/2 of what you pay
    for cigarettes is state and federal taxes. Tobacco is likely subsidized
    too. Quit smoking and the let the government struggle for every penny.

  • CmdrGendoIkari

    They can’t say for sure what the long term effects of inhaling Propylene
    Glycol vapor is. Obviously nowhere near as high of a risk as smoking
    tobacco is, but it is possible to become allergic to that particular
    compound over time. There may be other effects that take decades to present
    a health problem for some people, while others never experience any
    detrimental effects.

  • TruthDecay

    Minor mistake on cigs Ben.. You said “dozens of chemicals”.. More like
    100s.. And the FDA is just looking to take there HUGE cut.. They’re gonna
    prove them out.. Was nice while it lasted

  • Doug Ransley

    No one should trust the FDA, lazy fucks ever herion pill they put on the
    streets is FDA approved and killing kids everyday

  • Aint1S

    tried them, but I don’t like them.
    Still, this isn’t tobacco… no doubt tobacco lobbyists are behind this
    one. As well as the bloated thing that refers to itself as the govt.

    You can build your own… no need for the garbage ones from the stores and
    run it on any battery you want.

  • rkb100100

    E-cigarettes will be very difficult, if not impossible, to control. The
    feds are pissed about losing cigarette taxes.

  • Dar Lugal

    the FDA isn’t concerned with the health of human beings. how do I know
    this? they allow monsanto to destroy the food industry. the FDA wants
    control over the market. plain and simple.

  • Liberty4Ever

    This reminds me of Thailand taxing heroin so heavily that people started to
    quit heroin by using kradom, the bark of an indigenous tree in the coffee
    family to quit heroin and stay off it. When the government’s tax revenue
    was threatened by their citizens’ positive health choice, the government
    outlawed kradom and went on a massive eradication program to protect their
    heroin taxes.

    The free market does a much better job of regulating itself if honest
    information is available, but we’re continuously subjected to the corrupt
    institutionalized stupidity of government.

  • mbrooks406

    Any senator or congressman voting for funding or anything favorable to the
    FDA will automatically get a vote against them from me. Not just for e-cig
    regulation but for being responsible for potentially millions of deaths due
    to their regulatory burden stopping drugs from being brought to market.

  • Charles Eye

    At $1,000,000/mg of nicotine/flavor, only the tobacco companies are going
    to be able to afford to apply for FDA approval. Fortunately, the UK isn’t
    insane and is promoting e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices. Seems
    we’ll be getting our e-liquid the way many get their meds: Internet orders
    from other Countries.

    I’ll be mixing my own, just like many people do already. It’s also a good
    time to do things like learn how to build coils and stock up on tanks and
    mods (preferably ones with replaceable 18650 batteries). The thing the FDA
    overlooked is the fact that we don’t need acres of land and a drying
    station for our chosen habit. All we need is some easily obtained liquids
    and the ability to heat them. I can make a basic cig-a-like and a
    cartomizer in a couple of hours. No big deal.

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