Max Igan Discusses Pokemon Go, Transhumanism & Infowars Islamophobia In Extensive Interview.

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  • jtthegame316

    i only came across info wars recently and it was clear they are paid for
    opposition to the mainstream nonsense

  • vastell1234

    21:46 In Germany people were caught falling into a lake while looking at
    their phones and this happened with ‘holdables’ only … ‘wearables’ and
    ‘implants’ even more, could be hacked to show anything; a road were there
    is none, green traffic lights where there are red, a faked ‘money’ supply
    …’minus x or plus x’… like faked ‘views’ on YouTube etc.

  • domingohermanos

    Brown nose again up Alex Jones’ arse and tongue up Icke’s. The future Mrs.
    Allen must not have an aversion to kissing the gob of such a gobshite.

  • Jeremy Bentham

    Nanotech in uk food needs the FSA to be approached by a food company before
    they will look into that specific case.
    While the FSA report into this basicaly states that current legislation is
    not built to deal with this and to be honest they dont have a clue!
    So in fact anything can happen and unless they are told about it they won’t
    look into it, if they do look iinto it the legislation to address concerns
    does not exist and it doesn’t matter anyway as they have not any
    understanding of the technology to make an informed decision regarding any
    Doesn’t this make you feel much safer?

  • domingohermanos

    57:41 and she spoke for nearly an hour and I just sat there and shut up.
    That is fucking hard to believe Richie.

  • Adam Sullivan

    It’s really hard to believe that Alex Jones is controlled opposition just
    because of his support for Trump, Alex support for Trump is more than
    likely all about guns.

  • Survivor M

    im in the uk, and ive been listening to Alex Jones for over 10 years and he
    has changed for sure..Donald Trump loves to make deals…Alex loves
    attention and wants to control the alternative media..its obvious the
    powers that be have bought off some alternative media shows and presenters.
    Alex is in Donald Trumps pocket to help win him the election..They
    blatantly have made a deal..

  • Adam Sullivan

    Just have to slip in another comment here about Max saying that he knew
    when he was about four years old that the world was messed up,C’MON do you
    expect me to believe that B.S? Why I say this is obvious isn’t it that
    memory’s don’t really start forming until five let alone an
    awareness/awakening like that at four.Even with how switched on Alan Watt @
    cutting through the matrix (who Max reminds me of by the way) is it took
    him until he was nine to have an experience like that.

  • lardosian

    I knocked on someones door late the other night around 12 with a lost
    kitten, they probably thought i was one of these weirdos playing pokemon!

  • Ann Other

    Pokémon may not spawn near roads but they may spawn in the park the other
    side of the motorway. In it’s defence it’s good that kids are getting so
    much fresh air and playing outside.

  • Now You Know

    Down with German nudist camps and Hello Islam! Let true Sharia Law freedom
    under the almighty Allah spread far and wide.

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