Richie Allen “Why Has Infowars And Paul Watson Been Reduced To Parroting The Mainstream Media?”

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  • Kim Jong Un

    They have either sold out or were always simply NeoCon turds who pretend to
    be under the guise of conspiracy theorists.
    How can you endorse a presidential candidate, especially when you’ve been
    talking about how the system is rigged forever?

  • Daniel Bostock

    Can you rebut the claims made by Watson and the daily mail? I get the
    criticism that the media can’t be trusted, but an argument relies on reason
    and evidence and rebuttal.

  • ura soul

    i do not advocate any religions. however, listen to muhammed ali talk about
    his turning to islam as a result of america’s anti (anyone except white
    skinned males) policies.. he spoke then about how islam was going to
    liberate those with darker skin and that america would be the launch pad
    for that… a few years later – cue the all out ‘false flag’ programming
    and behind the scenes agitation by white skinned military / government
    characters of muslim people. it reminds me of being just another way to
    ‘control the herd on the human farm’.
    as for alex jones etc. – there was a time where i would stand up for him to
    some extent since he appeared to speak truth on important topics that were
    mostly denied. now though, yes – he appears to have turned into a clone of
    all the other system drones. his ‘arguement’ with the ‘young turks’
    recently where he ‘stormed’ their stage, just looked like a promo for a WWF
    wrestling event. :/

  • What Grandma Thinks about it

    Yep, Paul Watson always comes up with these bs statistics that I know for a
    fact is by far the worst exaggeration of statistics that I have ever seen
    in my life.

  • chris chapman

    They got to Jones, imo. He was taken somewhere and shown something horrific
    that would be in store for him if he didn’t fall in line, so he did.
    Infowars can no longer be trusted

  • ChristaMA1

    They are pitting Muslims against everyone, white against black, men against
    women. Divide and conquer. If we were smart we wouldn’t fall for it.

  • Argentarii Homini

    ISIS wants to instill fear thousand of miles away from where they live…
    so that Western countries nuke them and obliterate then all.
    Makes sense. Definitely the best way to conquer Syria (since they are not
    interested in Turkey or Israel.)

  • may non

    Infowars /prison planet have always been fearmongers -working either
    directly or indirectly for NWO plans -& making money from it.10 years ago
    jones said US were going to import russian troops to impose martial law !
    buy seeds now !

  • Jose Dipre

    bro you attack Alex Jones infowars again. debate Alex Jones share your
    differences but stop attacking him you both have the same agenda

  • Oka Fala

    Known to Police = They did not have enough power to act / intervene =
    Tighter controls necessary… lap it up public.

  • Nellyontheland

    Richie, I listen to your show. For ever it seems. Its the place to go. But
    this time, on Paul, I think you are wrong. To little space here, but does
    he, in your eyes have ANY redeeeming qualities.

  • Survivor M

    your so on point…RT news report the same islamaphobia narrative..ive come
    to the conclusion the worlds mainstream media are all singing from the same
    hymn book..

  • irfanovski

    I don’t think that anybody got to Jones or Watson. It’s simple as that EGO
    got to them. To stay grounded and true to your self and cour ideals is very
    difficult in today’s insane world. It takes real hard work and effort to
    stay sain in a insane world. That is the risen so few people are like David
    Icke. It is much comfortable after a while to adapt to the mainstream and
    not care so much telling the real truth.

  • Jose Dipre

    tommy Robinson yes he was once a piece of shit. but are u saying you can’t
    change with time ,?? cmon Richie Allen

  • cam mac

    Infowars and RT´s strategies are now becoming clear. Truthers until the end
    game, which will lead those that follow them astray.

  • Survivor M

    Paul Joseph Watson is a racist, lying, bought and paid for agitator…he
    had the discredited ex EDL leader Tommy Robinson on his show this
    week..Tommy Robinson is a first class arsehole who has been destroyed in
    discussions time and tome again..both just spitting nothing but
    islamaphobia..they are part of the system…all should expose him.

  • Alistair Butcher

    The title is hypocritical considering your Sunday show is literally reading
    out MSM headlines.. Good stuff nonetheless

  • RealityHijacked

    Because they’re not undercover leftists with a perpetual victim-hood
    complex like David Icke the good folks over at the Richie Allen show.

    “They control absolutely everything!”

    “The system is rigged, better just throw in the towel.”

    “Islam dindu nuffin’…”

    “Racist, racist, racist…”

    “Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia…”

    “Israel, Israel, Israel…”

    The End.

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