Tim Coles On How British Operatives Overthrow Governments With The Help of Billionaire George Soros!

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  • Eman Puedama

    What he said about the Friendly Societies was interesting because I read
    the comedian Dominic Frisby’s Life After The State a couple of years ago,
    and he thought that the schools set up by the Friendly Societies were the
    result of workers organising the education of their children on their own
    account, and that the state took them over. I suppose the truth may be
    somewhere in between, and the schools set up by the Friendly Societies
    didn’t put out *as much* state propaganda as what came after.
    Regarding Britain sponsoring conflict around the world, I wonder if the
    book mentions Somalia- I recently found out that Soma Oil, chaired by
    Michael Howard, ‘won’ a contract that gave them 90% of Somalia’s oil
    revenues- and was then investigated by the Serious Fraud Office for
    basically taking advantage of the conflict in Somalia to pull a fast one on
    When you couple the above with the to-ing and fro-ing between West Africa
    and UK of various notorious Brit ‘terrorists’ such as Mohammed Emwazi and
    Michael Adebolajo, and their known links with both Al-Shabaab and MI5, the
    chaos that enabled Soma Oil to profit so hugely looks suspiciously
    Still, wouldn’t blame Tim Cole for not covering that- I imagine there’s a
    lot to cover when it comes to ‘Perfidious Albion’.

  • Irish Proc

    If you want to understand how these colour revolutions work, I highly
    recommend you watch journeyman pictures documentary on it, it’s only 27
    minutes long and each minute will blow you away (if memory serves).
    Absolutely astounding documentary which is beyond enlightening and
    revealing. Names are named. Documents and (banned-in-Russia) books showing
    how to do it are named. Interviews and admissions (confessions) by the
    people who are deeply involved are shown.

    The evil-genius level of this method of overthrowing govs is amazing. They
    use “fun” and music to draw out the people on to the streets, like it’s a
    festival. This forces the gov to either submit to the demands of the people
    behind it in Washington or react to the “popular uprising” and turn the
    festival into a real revolution. Either way the satanic inspired evil
    geniuses get what they want.

    Please watch it – it’s bloody amazing.

    Wa salam.

  • hawkboy451

    I’m no sychophant ! ? LOL ! Go and blow David again, it will keep you from
    spouting your ant-English shite !

  • Sally Singer

    Hi Richie I’ve just called Waterstone’s to see if they have This book in
    stock and they say that its unavailable from the publishers at the
    moment… any idea why or could you ask Tim. Thanks in advance Sally

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