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  • LiNkIn

    Hahaha oh my god Vinny you are brilliant! Chopping David’s video segment so
    we don’t have to listen to his dramatic gaps, no offence to him at all, but
    they’re friggin there as you now know better than anyone. Keep up the good
    work bro

  • Jock Rot

    Its a constant battle for control of our own minds, and choosing which
    direction to take next. I totally agree with the fact of planting seeds.
    Shit lives forever. As David said we create this reality. How true. Great
    video.I really think to get the right answers you have to ask the right

  • FreedomFisher

    David Icke is a lying piece of shit none of his predictions EVER came true,
    he has no evidence at all for any of his claims and he robs his credulous
    followers of their money. Why do people still pay attention to this liar?
    Don’t know if he is a gatekeeper or just psychotic and demon possessed but
    better study his story and past before taking advice from him…

  • Lara Green

    Thanks, Vinny. And per history, when and where is David saying this mess
    started? Jason Reza Jorjani (Prometheus and Atlas) has done excellent
    research into history and concludes some major shift happened around 12,000
    years ago. Just asking … curious! :)

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