Criminal Politician Clinton Won 6 Coin Flips To Take Iowa

In this video Luke Rudkowski details the absurd but yet real life news of coin flips, voter intimidation and fraud during the Iowa Caucus. The sources mentioned in this video are linked below feel free to do your own research to come to a conclusion about what happened last night.


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  • Jt Williams

    Yep, I bet the votes in NH are much more evenly spread out among the
    candidates, and Rubio wins with 20%. The caucus process is messier to
    steal, as shown on cspan. but primaries with electronic voting machines can
    use vote flipping, point shaving and algorithms and noone will be the

  • Bert-Jan Weening

    Lmao what kind of medieval system is this? A fucking coin flip to decide
    who runs the state? WHAT THE FUUUCK! America is a joke man… C’mon

  • Bryan Blackburn

    both her and Bernie are evil sobs Bernie may be just as bad being he is
    adual Israeli citizen he should not even be eligible. he is also pro
    monsanto and GMO let alone the truly evil position on forced vaccines which
    is as much of a reason to start a civil war as gun confiscation would be.
    plus being a zionist like the Bern means more Israeli sponsored wars

  • HomeSkillenSLICE

    I fail to understand the validity of your socialism meme. Socialism
    literally means having ownership of the means of production. Now of course
    when you’re talking about a group of elites controlling everything well
    then that’s something.
    What’s wrong with the concept that people who work the farms should own
    them? Or at least own the part that they work on? What’s wrong with giving
    a percent of those immense corporate earnings to people based on their
    contributions? What’s wrong with making sure that money is being invested
    in creating jobs whether or not these oligarchs want it or not? Instead of
    having billions stay in bank accounts why not force them to invest in
    educating the populace or create jobs that benefit the infrastructure?
    Nobody *wants* to mooch off of government if there are jobs being created
    with the funds instead of having the funds stay stagnant not doing
    anything. That part pissed me off tbh ?
    On a more video related note. This corporate sellout is going down.

  • Independent

    Ted Cruz is owned and operated by Goldman Sachs ($58,550)!

    Source: OpenSecrets

    We’re fucked if Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz gets the nomination and wins
    the general election as well!

    Ted Cruz did the exact same things that Hillary Clinton already did by
    lying, cheating and stealing the Iowa caucuses as well!

    Ben Carson was furious at Ted Cruz for using the mail to blackmail Iowa
    voters on grades and stating that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race
    which is NOT true at all!

    Ted Cruz refused to apologize for the Iowa mail on the grades except he
    apologized to Ben Carson about it as well!

  • Gene G.

    This may sound crazy but we know that theses people are Satanists and maybe
    witchcraft had an influence on the coin tosses…

  • Mareike Weitweg

    hi. im from germany. if this would happen here, it would be the immediate
    end to this candidate. what is going on in america?

  • Independent

    Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Ron Paul have stated they rather have Donald
    Trump instead of Ted Cruz.

    Rand Paul is using the complete hatred of Donald Trump as a distraction for
    Ted Cruz, the media and others as well.

    Donald Trump is using the attack of Ben Carson as a distraction for Ted
    Cruz, the media and others as well.

    Ben Carson and Ron Paul are using the criticism of Donald Trump to provide
    cover for Donald Trump as well.

    They will not tell anyone about it at all because that would blow their
    cover if they did come out publicly about it since they are keeping it

  • 2haveFREEDOMpriceles

    Why cant they just go off the vote of the people? I never did get the
    delegate thing. Of course, they do rig the votes just like the state
    lotteries and the casinos.

  • Jay Gatz

    Kind of trying to be a voice of reason.
    I am a Bernie supporter (would have preferred Biden) but don’t hate
    Hillary. She is probably not the best person, has probably committed many
    crimes, and is probably a lot different than what she tries to be, and is
    too controlled by money. However, I also think she could do a decent job as
    The fictional character of Frank Underwood has approval from many viewers,
    despite being a fake/murderer.
    I think Sanders could do better, but I also think being somewhat centered
    and open is a good thing. I wouldn’t hate seeing her on the TV as a
    There are only a few Republicans I would prefer over her (Christie, Rand
    Paul, Kasich). She is also a very skilled debater. It would also be great
    to get Bill Clinton in the White House again.
    That being said, if voter fraud is proven, then they need to amend their
    mistakes. There is definitely enough disparity to release the votes.

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