“We’ve Turned Our Children Into Money” – Grand Chief Derek Nepinak on CFS

On September 21st, 2015, Josh Sigurdson reported on the fast (hunger strike) happening outside the Manitoba Legislative Building. At the fast, Grand Chief Derek Nepinak was helping others erect the tipi and set up for the 7 women fasting against CFS. We spoke to him briefly about CFS and the corruption and state control involved as 90% of children in care are First Nations.
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak told us,
“We’ve turned our children into money, we’ve turned our children into a commodity. The speculation in that type of marketplace is speculated on the tragedy of our families. It’s a very good business.”
Powerful words and they unfortunately speak the truth.
The state has claimed ownership over children, a very authoritarian notion. To that, Chief Nepinak said this,
“There’s always going to be jurisdictional disputes in terms of who is responsible for the care of children. At one point a lot of people said that it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility because they’re responsible for First Nations people and then people say it’s the province’s responsibility or jurisdiction and I say it’s the family’s jurisdiction. There are laws within the family structure that bind obligations to parents. Children don’t belong to parents (or government), they belong to the creator.”

We very much appreciate the insightful words of Grand Chief Derek Nepinak and hope to speak with him again soon!

Video shot and edited by Josh Sigurdson

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster

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