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  • thesunnyblack1

    I love what you do and the depth of it.. Keep it up we are slowly winning..
    P.s I’m working on a parmacolture crowdfunding project.. And I think a good
    video is the way to go for you on crowdfunding..

  • Goat Culler

    The UN needs to be shifted to a Neutral Country, along with Google etc…
    Kim Dotcom is starting Meganet where no spying and control is allowed and
    what’s happening to Kim at the moment.

  • jim Fisher

    Hey man I appreciate your videos, I thought you got killed by the
    government after you stopped posting for a few months, all troubling times
    will pass my friend…Hold your head high and push forward.

  • Waizwaid Arenosa

    Storm Clouds Gathering-one of the best and most informative channels on
    YouTube- I always wanted to know who was behind it, the great voice, the
    great videos and above all the great information. You have my full support
    (under my real name) and the support of all my friends who have benefited
    from your work here and abroad.

  • Tony Valentino

    Thanks for all the hard work, I’m a student in a community college right
    now so money is tight but I’ll do what I can to help!
    Don’t give up. We are the last hope.

  • ZeLol

    I’m 15 years old Aaron, and as soon as I get a job, I will try everything
    in my power to donate to you, because you made me really learn, if there
    was an epitome of studying, you would be the teacher behind such. I
    actually want to help right now but I am unable to. . .

  • TheStarProphet1

    PLEASE monetize your channel with advertisements. Surprisingly, there are a
    number of legitimate advertisers who are selling good products out there.
    Stop being a dumb@ss and continue your good work.

  • Alan Williams

    Great job google…..But honestly going the donation route is probably best
    anyways. It’s hard to make things happen in a monetary system where making
    money is the only means of getting things done. Luckily we still have the
    internet, online donations, and crowd funding to help out.

  • harry mosem

    A man approached the prophet muhammad(saw) and asked “what is the most
    virtuous jihad (struggle) a muslim can do”
    the prophet muhammad (saw) replied “A word of truth in the face of a tyrant
    In my mind you embody the very essence of these words just seeing your
    conviction is nothing short of amazing
    you are an inspiration not many would walk the road you tred on and for
    that you have my respect

    I feel ashamed that this man has more drive more motivation and follows my
    religion more so
    than most of the muslims on the planet who fight over petty differences
    money is but a control mechanism for the masses just as chains are to slaves
    only when we abandon our lifes as slaves willcwe ever truly change the

    • jum401

      suggestion: include aesthetics as a very important field. Aesthetics is not
      just about beauty. It is about learning to observe the pattern that connects

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