Why Rand Paul Really Dropped Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news of Rand Paul dropping out of the 2016 presidential race. We go over many speculations, rumors and facts surrounding this surprising move by Rand Paul. We have been covering the Ron and Rand Paul movement since 2008 and with our sources from the inside are able to give you a better picture of what’s happening behind the scenes. Don’t forget to support real independent media here https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange and check out our bootcamp in Mexico coming up soon here http://anarchapulco.com/workshops/wrc/













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  • AIek 1O

    the republicans should be the national socialist party with a libertarian
    opposition party keeping things stripped down. we need better debate. we
    have almost all the people supporting the catholic version or moral ethics
    which is actually pure evil. Everybody seems to censor truth. they are very
    primitive in their understandings

  • HighConsciousness1

    Rand!!! WTF -why did he drop right before a liberty State NH? I know Rand
    is an honest man – can anyone explain??

  • atom isum

    I saw Rand speak the day before the Iowa caucuses, he pointed out Cruz
    didn’t vote on audit the fed bill. that was about all that was said about
    cruz from my recollection. the crowd started chanting ” End the Ted” lol.

  • gregkillborn

    Personally I believe Cruz is one of the best viable candidates for the
    liberty movement left in the race. When you talk about the liberty movement
    you had Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Justin Amish, and Thomas Massi. I
    don’t support Cruz’s foreign but out of everyone left he is the one would
    follow the constitution the most. (or until power corrupts)

    I just find it strange he would drop out after the first state, considering
    NH is good for Paul’s, and he beat a lot of candidates he wasn’t supposed
    to. Remember Rand’s interview with Megan Kelly a few days ago where he
    predicted he would finish ahead of Kasich, Christy, and Bush. She and fox
    news were shocked to hear that and said they would hold him to that. He
    pulled it off then drops out, what a shame.

    I still have doubts about Cruz, his wife’s Goldman Sachs ties, his birth
    issues, foreign policy issues, his religious views being smashed into your
    face even though there’s supposed to be separation between church and

  • Dominic Greer

    Rand Paul is not a traitor, he’s just being manipulated by the
    establishment without even knowing which makes him more misguided than a
    I don’t believe Ron Paul a man of great respect and character would’ve
    raised his children to become backstabbing crooks!
    Rand Paul dropped out because he knows he’s not going to win so he must
    focus on his Senate seat and whether he should keep that seat is a matter
    of debate.
    I think he should keep it, but that’s up to the citizens of Kentucky of

  • serban254

    He quit because he was about to be excluded from the next debate.
    The polls gave him an average of 3% in NH.
    No deal with Ted Cruz.

  • Sharon Queen

    The elections r rigged…they already know who they want for
    president…that’s been known for some time…they don’t want anybody
    honest in the white house!!!

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