David Icke Being Targeted For Getting Far Too Close To The Truth

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  • Roger Baker

    David is no racist. The “jews” are up to their usual tricks; *shooting the
    messenger*. They’re notorious for deflecting attention away from their
    nefarious activities by crying about some imaginary evil being perpetrated
    against them. RICHIE….Look up, “Yom Kippur” and read, “Kol Nidre”. You’ll
    see how and why the “jews” lie so glibly and consistently and with such

  • Matt x69x

    he should just wave that photo he’s got, you know the one with the Jewish
    guys with the banners that say “Judaism is not Zionism.”

  • Carolyne S

    Nothing like freedom of speech!!! Ok as long as you talk about what we tell
    you! Divide and Rule tactic at its best!…..The world is bonkers!!!!! x
    How ignorant can you get..its got sod all to do with the Jews…..its to do
    with the elite that manipulate Judaism..Muslims and Chrisitans and play
    each other for their own gain!! People need to wake up..Grow up and realise
    we are all being conned and played here!

  • Courtney De Longis

    do the Zionists own the porn industry, how about the movie entertainment
    industry, what about the Music Industry. How are they doing, how have they
    infected the population around the world. the chosen people, LMAO chosen by
    Lucifer. they are to be used and abused by the elites of that religion as
    an protective barrier. But all religions are twisted and evil. greed and
    fear will keep them in service to saturn/ satan. I’m sorry but I can’t
    respect a religion that calls everyone else an animal, to have dinner with
    others is comparable to eating with the dog.

  • Allen Parsens

    Hello Richie Allen. I am a supporter of David Icke. I don’t believe his
    every word and every opinion but neither should I. I do my own research,
    and I think for myself. I hope also, that you do not feel I am a critic of
    yours. I like your show and only participate because I feel like I have
    something to say. No different from yourself and no different from David.
    I would like to make a few comments. First off, this is wonderful news and
    will only aid David in spreading his information. I have no doubt that
    those who bought tickets, those still on the wall, and those looking on
    will be more interested than ever to understand the backlash.

  • Allen Parsens

    OK Richie, here we go.

    First point. 35 min notice is not long enough to get a reply. Please hold
    on before indicating that you don’t have a response.

    Second point. Silverman’s (Goldman?) comments that David preachers a jewish
    conspiracy, that jews are behind world wars, and invoking Hitler’s name is
    not an attempt to document statements and actions. These points are
    specifically outlined in the US and UK definition of anti-Semitism.
    Silverman is adhering the anti-Semitism laws as they stand onto the
    professional image of David Icke.

  • Allen Parsens

    Point 3: What is going on? Several points on this one. Firstly, the jews
    are identifying themselves with the conspiracy to create the NWO. I’ll
    repeat that. It is the jews. You will note, it isn’t the zionists.
    Secondly; as you have identified, David Icke is at the cutting edge with
    his information. It should not be surprising that he has attracted those
    who actively research the topic themselves. And it is these people who have
    put two and two together and come to the conclusion that it is the jews
    behind the conspiracy.

  • Allen Parsens

    Point 4. I disagree strongly with your points that the jews do not benefit
    from zionism and that judaism and zionism are different. There is an
    abundance of evidence for this. Not least the existence of the terrorist
    state of israel and holocaust reparations for many jews who were not in the
    German work camps, as well as financial payments being extended to the
    children of these people and now I see the grandchildren.

  • Allen Parsens

    Point 5. By all means, ask this Silverman to prove his point that David
    Icke is anti-Semitic. Personally I think it would be a waste of time. It is
    clear that there is no credible evidence. Thus it is also clear that
    Silverman was instructed to try to damage David’s speaking tour. If I had
    the opportunity to speak to him on a radio show, I would be asking
    questions related to the function and operation of this Anti-Semitism
    organisation he works for. Because one thing is absolutely abundantly
    clear, and that is it is a political zionist instrument. I would be asking
    Silverman, in the time that he has been working for this group; what
    people, organizations, and events has he been acting to block. I would also
    be asking him to identify, where he can, the identity of communities he has
    acted on behalf of. I think it would surprise nobody if he reports that his
    services he supports are exclusively to white Ashkenazi jews. Inform him
    that Arab people are Semitic too. Can he give an example where he has
    worked to protect them? How about black African jews? Can he inform us on
    what occasions he acted to protect these people?

  • liddelle11

    Richie I love your show. You are so diplomatic, fair and respectful to all.
    Wish there was more folk out there like this.

  • angela tate

    Demons hide behind Christianity just as much as they hide behind the Jewish
    faith, take the queen for instance, she’s head of the Church of England for
    gods sake and she, along with all the other elite monsters, secretly
    worship Satan.
    Oh, and the Pope, you can’t get much more demonic than him.

  • Andy Parker

    Guys I am now ashamed to say I worked at Bloomberg LP London for 10 years
    in IT. I can assure you Journalists in mass media would love to write it as
    it is but editorial oppressors wont let them. I have seen it first hand, it
    is criminal. PS see you in Dublin Helix on Saturday I love what you do keep
    it up!!!

  • Dean Marciny

    For, by and of cowards, paedophiles, mass murderers, genocidal maniacs and
    criminals….throw that antisemitic thing in to cement that shit…. must
    be a democracy….

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