CNN Messages Trump Assassination at Inauguration

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  • 2L82Sk8Bye

    THOSE SCUM ARE DONE! Whatever happens, CNN is DONE DONE DONE. With the
    cultural climate ready to erupt since the election, this is tantamount to
    yelling “FIRE” in a movie theater just to see what happens. SCUM B.S.

  • Jason Freddy

    Chris don’t let the interdimensional robots trick your soul to reincarnate
    here upon your death. I’ve spent my whole life down the spiritual and
    conspiratorial rabbit hole. If you do the same you will come to the same
    conclusion, but it won’t be easy.

  • BrothaRobMusic

    civil war, civil war….. drag those NWO bitches out to the front yard of
    the white house and lynch that ass to death……..GO TRUMP!!!

  • camelio10

    Why do idiots keep talking about a Trump Assassination. Nobody is going to
    murder Trump. Shut the fuck up already with all your paranoid hillbili
    click bait non-sense

  • Jingle Bells

    🙃So was this a form of MK ultra?
    Just wondering because I lost count on how many times you said the words
    “Donald Trump assassination”….nothing like trying to put an idea in the
    minds of viewers right.

  • Israel XXX

    some of the people who voted for trump are afraid to say it,I say fuck that
    ,I’ll die for my god given beliefs ,we all as a nation shouldn’t be afraid
    to die for our freedom the one thing that Hilary was going to take from us
    and freedom of speech ..freedoms ain’t free and half the united states
    population thinks freedom just comes naturally…WTF…

  • Denisia Crawford

    People, this is all a part of the plan CNN is conditioning us for this. I
    think Donald is in on it too. Go ahead and make ur comments but I don’t
    trust any POTUS.

  • christy contois

    CNN will not be in front of the line anymore it’s time for social media to
    be in that room if they’re f****** loser Mark Zuckerberg how to block bone
    instead of stealing other people’s ideas he wouldn’t be told what to do
    right now

  • Vivid Sōl

    Watch the Nefarious ones get their Lids Flipped continuously. Wolf Blitzed
    to oblivion with the Crashed Nothingness Network.

  • Jeanne Parent

    Well it isn’t going to happen. They’re coming up against God and because
    they’re liars, God isn’t going to allow it. The truth shall prevail because
    nothing and no one can kill God or his word. Amen!! I’d like to see anyone
    try to overpower God the father.

  • Patriot log home Builders

    Chris you’re getting just too weird the make up the Tea…. all of it

    I’ve been watching you for years I liked you better when you were just
    straight on doing the news and not all this other weird crap

  • christy contois

    you’d have to be the dumbest m*********** in the world if you were going to
    kill Trump tomorrow for starters there in Washington Not only would they
    have a f****** right at the White House you have all those people there
    supporting him all those people would try it right to the White House think
    about it

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