Jeff Berwick “Trump Was Chosen By The Elite. We’ll Soon See That He’s The Bankers President.”

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  • steven durrant

    Anarcho capitalism may be a crock (anarchism is defintively, root, anarcho
    communism) but he is certainly right about Trump so kudos for that. The
    amount of people who think they see through stuff who have fallen for Trump
    is laughable and bizarre.

  • Gez501

    Richie: – Firstly I’m a great fan and supporter. Secondly – even you can’t
    offer up factoids as facts. That’s not fair nor even useful. We are ALL
    curious, even anxious, as to how Trump will turn out. The point being “WE
    JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT HE WILL DO.” He isn’t a politician. That may be the
    “KEY” to a new “way forward” which will benefit the PEOPLE, and destroy the
    likes of Soros and the NWO. It may be that. It may NOT be that. “WE DON’T
    KNOW” whether he is his own man or not. WE have to wait and see. Please say
    that you are “presenting” us with a FACTOID – an opinion – and not making a
    FACTUAL statement. Make sure that guests are doing the SELF SAME THING.
    Yes, of course I am a long time subscriber 🙂 Best wishes mate. Gez501


    When I was little my nan used to call breaking wind (farting ) trumping or
    to trump “have you trumped”? Trump ummmmm a fart ? maybe.

  • Oregon 3

    Something that cost 10.00 wholesale and taxed 30% = 13.00
    Then American markup 150%
    13.00 × 150% 32.00
    it would have cost 3.00 more.
    Taxing borders at cost across borders.
    your not taxing 30% on our retail cost. (32.00)

  • Daniel Hanoian

    these guys are full of shit!!
    TRUMP loves America you Brit’s are just jealous and hating on him for
    selfish reasons..fuck YOU!! watch how good he will does he has already
    gotten more jobs back in America than OBUMMER&BUSH!

  • theFORCEismyallie

    The reason why we have government is because humans cannot be trusted to
    treat others fairly and with respect. I believe in the libertarian
    philosophy of personal freedom but as far as the human collective is
    concerned…. No! People can’t be free to rip other people off, or poison
    the air we breathe or the food we eat or the water we drink. With complete
    anarchy this will be allowed to with no consequences for the perpetrators.
    Things would be alot worse. We have to have some regulations.

  • Richard Wilson

    No, the only reason Trump got a few insiders on his team is because when
    you have to fight an army of demons, it helps to have a few on your side,
    under your control. Just like Solomon’s temple. Just as importantly,
    bankers didn’t make any major campaign contributions to him, therefore the
    notion that he is beholden to them is 100% baseless. I’m not a blind Trump
    supporter but it is getting a bit tiresome seeing such ridiculous
    criticisms over and over from all angles. Why is it so hard for people to
    challenge their assumptions, even when readily available facts don’t mesh
    with those assumptions?

  • Owen Lucas

    Trump, Hitler, Lenin, Robespierre, Cromwell. All secret society stooges
    (Freemasons) dressed up as ‘champions of the people’ to defeat the
    corruption of politics with their ruthlessness – but in reality securing
    power for the global elites in the shadows…

    Icke spells it out too: The global elites play both sides of the chess
    board, and always have done. So when the people get wise to the corruption
    and depravity of committee politics, they serve us up a ‘strong and
    independent’ warrior leader to fix the inept parliaments and politicians.
    It’s a generational thang. Trump is the latest in a long line of ‘agents’…

    Obama was the last degenerate excuse for a committee leader. Everyone’s now
    awake to the necessity for a major change in how governments operate. So up
    pops a seemingly strong, ‘people’s hero’ maverick (who just happens to be a
    NY billionaire with a Bladerunner tower who loves Israel – so
    anti-establishment!) to ‘dictate’ who is to blame and to go on the rampage
    …just like Cromwell, Robespierre, Lenin, Hitler, etc, etc.

    Priority number 1 was keeping the criminal Clintons away from power.
    Priority number 2 is making sure a clever Israeli freemason stooge isn’t
    shoe-horned in instead; as a knee-jerk reaction against the revulsion of
    the obvious political depravity.

    My prediction is that Trump is a stooge cut from the same cloth as all the
    other political puppets – just marketed and packaged as a champion saviour
    maverick. Yet he loves Israel, has Mason connections, has evidence that
    he’s been to Epstein’s kiddie orgy island, is a NY billionaire, etc, etc.
    Does he sound like a virtuous man of the people?

    100 years ago the Russian revolution wasn’t a revolution by Russian people.
    Lenin and the gang were European zionists sent in to settle the ‘problems’
    of revolt against the ruling elite. George Orwell explains in Animal Farm
    how commoners (pigs) can become the same as royalty (humans). So – not long
    afterwards – Lenin, Stalin, etc became the rebranded Tsars.

    Trump is the latest Napoleon – an Orwellian pig.

  • Ayios Georgios

    It makes little sense to say he was chosen. The many circumstances simply
    do not support it.. Now I believe he can be corrupted. We shall see.

  • Janet Skene

    This article is a breath of fresh air. So, much of the answer to resolve
    our multitude of problems is the growth of the Free Market. This seems to
    be a large piece of the solution. AND NOW, the time comes for the people to
    get more of an explaination about exactly how the Free Market works – and
    How to implement this new revived idea.

    WHAT, exactly, is a genuine Free Market? I, for one, am at the place,where
    I want to know more, especially as we are rapidly moving ahead, taking, as
    society, HUGE strides!

    Might I add that I am so truly Grateful for the real free Press – the
    Alternative Media! There is no where for the people to go to get
    explanation of what the problems are and ways to cope – methods of growth.
    i, and so many others, are trying to take the layers of problems apart to
    examine how it is all working together to keep us poor economic slaves.

    Once people have seen through the hologram of deceptions – answers begin to
    flow; once we are ‘over the hump” dealing with great confusion, the anger;
    aghast with indignation – freedom seems attainable – or at least much
    closer. Thank you for posting. CANADA

  • Janina Simons

    Every four years in late October, the presidential candidates of both major
    parties dust off their white tie and tails to take part in one of the great
    closing rituals of the long campaign: a gala dinner at the Waldorf Astoria
    in honor of a New York governor who gave voice to immigrants and city
    dwellers, who appointed women to high office at a time when men had a
    monopoly on power, and who demanded that his fellow American practice
    toleration and acceptance.

    The governor was Alfred E. Smith, and his virtues are celebrated every year
    at the gala named in his honor. During most presidential campaigns since
    1960, the two candidates for the nation’s highest office put aside their
    differences for a few hours to take part in the tribute. They are expected
    to exhibit a light-hearted wit in speaking of their opponent. They will
    have to laugh when the event’s master of ceremonies, Alfred E. Smith IV,
    pokes fun at their pretensions and foibles. And they will have to show some
    knowledge and appreciation of the role that Al Smith, the first Catholic to
    win a presidential nomination, played in creating a more tolerant nation.

  • Brian Joseph

    Finally, some objectivity. Everyone jumping onto the fucking Trump
    bandwagon. The swamp is still full of alligators people. Wake up. Thank you
    for all the info Richie, great job man.

  • Chemical Trails

    That feeling when you know TRUMP is for real and will change the world for
    the better… but everybody keeps calling him racist so you just nod and
    agree with them to keep the peace.

  • jmcarp98

    We are fools to trust any of these politicians. Maybe it does have
    something to do with indoctrination. Strange we never learn anything about
    these central banks in school.

  • Val Speirs

    Really I don’t believe so! How did fake Barry/Barack become President who
    got him in & who was pulling his elastic puppet strings?

  • Henry Homes

    amazing guest list @anarchapulco! Any o’l billionaire won’t “go down in
    history” as anything but a pig. An assasinated president would however!
    Maybe the globalists are a two-family/left-right paradigm on a deep state
    level, and that they are having a power-struggle. Folks don’t seem to
    realise that the over-blown ‘standard of living’ in the u.s., is what
    killed that country, they are going to make the uhmerican people live at
    2nd world standards soon, while rich foreigners buy their homes at a
    fraction of the price. Whatever a future president promises you, expect the
    exact opposite!

  • David King

    There seems to be confusion around Trump. not sure why. Clinton was chosen
    but the internet outcry stopped her. Trump’s history is one of working for
    the Jewish mafia. That won’t change. I think people will be waking up in
    increasing numbers when they find out that Trump is no different. However
    they US public won’t do anything but complain. Maybe the next time around
    they will take up arms.

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