Education, Corporations And Agenda 21 Explained! David Icke In NZ

It’s a rare opportunity to go and see David Icke speak let alone in New Zealand!
To be honest, I couldn’t be bothered going down,
It was cold, Well… Not cold, IT WAS FREEZING!
I was tired, I was broke, but I went anyway and was so glad I did.
Besides, I’d put out the call for Volunteers and had a free front row ticket,
so it’d be pretty bad form if I didn’t show up!

It was quite a synchronistic thing too, I came in about 10 minutes late and the only parking was free, right next to my friend Jon Eisen’s car from Uncensored Magazine,
When I came into the Logan Campbell center I was surprised at how freezing it was inside!
Just New Zealand’s luck that David came on the coldest day of the year.
My front row seat was of course taken,
so I had to set the camera and tripod much further back off to the side of the hall,
when I put the camera down, who was sitting beside me?
Jon Eisen! You can’t make this shit up man.
(you can hear his laugh at the end of the video where David says “Chill”)

It was nice to meet a lot of people at the conference who also follow my work!
I even met Mikey Havoc after the show and had a wee chat,
The thing that made him sit up and question the official story was during the London Tube bombings on 7/7 when he saw a guy on BBC from a contracting company that coincidentally were doing a drill involving the exact same targets, on the exact same day! He was like “Farrrk off!” Lol
I invited him on the show and he loved the idea but we forgot to exchange details (so if anyone knows his email or something let me know or vice versa).
Coming off a David Icke conference is like taking a drug during a cult ritual of some kind,
in a good way, with information, humour, insight and a broad vision,
As opposed to mindless repetition,
appealing to a central authority figure and getting whacked out of your nut on psychedelics.
But like psychedelics often can do,
Many thoughts I’d been mulling over became a lot clearer and I felt invigorated for days afterwards.
I can only hope that everyone felt the same thing!

Last time David came I got to speak at the end of his talk and meet him afterwards for a photo op,
But I wasn’t allowed to film,
This time the poor bastard’d been lecturing for 12 hours AND on tour for like 7 weeks or something at that point,
But I was thankfully allowed to film and publish around 30 minutes of content from the first lecture of the day with the permission of Gareth Icke!
Later on some kind of DVD of his full talk will be made and I shall probably watch that,
but for now, I hope you enjoy the video I’ve made of his appearance in New Zealand!

And for those of you in the USA, please consider going to see David speak as he researches every place he goes into for relevant news articles to illustrate his points as he did in New Zealand so it’s well worth it!
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