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  • Dr.Thrumpkinz III

    I was bored, and really wanted to watch this Part 2 video at FYM4. So I
    thought maybe if I donate a little on What On Earth Is Happening something
    cool will happen, and that was just a few minutes before this video got
    I’m considering another donation with the following wish in it’s sidecar: I
    would like for a police car to crash into a telephone pole and for the
    uninjured cop to be ejected from his vehicle and land safely, but naked, in
    my front yard.

  • Kris In Love

    Not really sure how a “puritanical” idea of sex is a neo feminist idea.
    They’re all about sleeping with whoever you want. Female promiscuity has
    been historically shown to bring down the morals of a nation. Children out
    of wedlock. Broken families. Broken children which lead to broken adults.
    It had been the downfall of cultures and is certainly something that is
    being pushed by the elites…not squashed.

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