Kiriakou “CIA Leaders Are Geopolitical Players Who Retire Young & Work For Defence Contractors.”

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  • Zeballos

    But don’t the CIA work for oligarchical corporate interests abroad rather
    than for the ordinary American person? Didn’t the CIA collude in the
    assassination of JFK? Didn’t the CIA create the Taliban & Al Qaeda?

  • Tre Toco

    trump praises the CIA!!!!!!!! the biggest murdering organization on earth,
    I guess he is not gonna get to the bottom of the Kennedy killing or mk
    don’t blame me I voted green party the only anti war party not run by

  • Tre Toco

    John kiriakou is Cia intelligence scum!!! why are you interviewing this CIA
    brown-noser and his wife is CIA as well. you should all be in prison for
    murdering Kennedy, creating fake terrorists and the mk ultra program.

  • nBean Juice

    dont be conned richie , this guy paid muslim jewish gate keeper , your a
    mug richie and you being played or your part of it , im not sure i trust
    anyone anymore but i do know one thing ,,, ITS THE JEWS …END OF …..ANY

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