The Biometric ID Grid: An Open Source Investigation


The biometric ID grid is closing in as country after country implements biometric passports, biometric id databases and, yes, biometric payment systems. If you’re interested in contributing to this open source investigation and leaving info about your country, please read the report on


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  • 131kimber

    *Dartmouth University*, Mackenzie Foley makes predictions for 2015 that few
    want to consider, pointing to how “a Recent Surge in Genetic understanding,
    as well as a Rapid Growth in Computational Power, has allowed Genetic
    Engineering to play a larger role in the development of new BioWeapons. Up
    until recently, Biological Weapons have been limited to Natural Pathogens,
    but Genetically Engineered Pathogens could be made safer to handle, easier
    to distribute, *capable of ETHNIC specificity*, or be made to cause higher
    mortality rates.”

    Although it’s hoped the “effects must be treatable for those who are
    implementing the BioWeapon,” attackers may design a “Stealth virus” that
    remains “dormant for an extended amount of time until triggered externally
    to cause disease.”

    These BioWeapons could be designed to induce (*or mimic*) cancer-like
    symptoms or to initiate programmed cell death. *It’s even possible a
    BioWeapon could be used as an Assassination Tool, since an artificial virus
    designed to Target a Specific Person’s Genome could spread through
    populations showing minimal or no symptoms, yet it would be fatal to the
    intended Target.*

    In real life, viruses do not typically mix and match capabilities from
    different families. An Artificial zombie Virus could attempt to Simulate
    the Effects of the Fictional Disease by using a flu virus to allow airborne
    (*signal /frequency*) transmissions (*with data packets -Neuro or Bio*), a
    measles and rabies virus to Introduce Delirium and Abnormal Behavior, and
    the encephalitis virus to create a high fever. Since the goal is a horror
    movie, Genetic Code (*BioSignatures, BioTags*) from the Ebola virus would
    cause hemorrhagic fever symptoms, including bleeding from the eyes, ear,
    nose, mouth, and rectum.

    Initial reports falsely claimed bath salts or some other drug were at fault
    for this Zombie-like Behavior, but it’s still possible an Artificial virus (*signal/frequency
    transmission*) could attempt to *Mimic similar Effects on the Brain*.

    Besides an artificial virus intended to be a BioWeapon, there’s also the
    zombie apocalypse scenario envisioned by 28 Days Later, where a modified
    version of the Ebola virus intended for medical purposes eventually
    transformed into the zombie Rage virus. This scenario is not completely
    hypothetical, since Exxell BIO, Inc. is currently working to produce an
    Ebola vaccine based upon a live, chemically-inactivated rabies virus
    containing Ebola glycoprotein within its structure. According to a report
    from the Federal Register of the United States Government, “further
    development is a major challenge based on safety concerns.”

    While no one is talking about accidentally creating a zombie virus, even
    Wageningen UR notes, “[T]he process of rendering natural viruses harmless
    still requires improvement. Unintended side effects have been a problem.”


  • lee cook

    I need to get in touch with God because I’m pretty sure I’m in the wrong
    dimension. I asked to be put on a planet where folk had freedom to do what
    they want with their own consciousness and have mutual respect for each.
    However, I seem to have been on a planet of crazies, ran by tyrannical
    governments that are suspicious of it’s people, parasite off it’s people
    and murders its people!! Anyone got his mobile?

  • hanneesh

    James! As a resident in Japan you must have submitted to the biometric id
    photo and finger print process at immigration right? I was forced to do it
    I just hope the jgov doesn’t misuse it or share it… Ye Im fucked.

  • Frank Lennon

    James thank you so much for the outstanding work you do in the field of
    transparency. Thoroughly informative, educational and essential stuff.
    Massive push back required in relation to this cashlessness drive by Banks
    and Governments. It’s about two things: profit and control. The
    oppressiveness of all of this is becoming worse that a dark days thunder
    storm in mid winter. Suffocating. Absolutely suffocating.
    Keep up the great work.
    Cheers. 👏👏👏

  • kroikye

    All Leads up to the MARK OF THE BEAST System, read your Bibles ; we are
    Divine Creations, not some ” Accidents ” . All Roads lead to the ” Mother
    of Harlots ” in Rome, just like the Bible Predicted. Rome never Really
    Fell, it just Changed from the PAGAN Roman Empire, into the ” Holy ” Roman
    Empire. The Caesar turned into the Pope, Governors into Cardinals, the Army
    into the JESUITS and VATICAN Knighthoods, Freemasonry etc. etc. Rome
    Controls the USA Government also. Please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, God bless.

  • Seventy Seven

    I just recently visited my tax preparer who wanted the number in the back
    of my state drivers lic. they never asked for that be4.” He said (in a nice
    way), “if he didn’t have the number it would take longer 2 receive my
    refund.” (?)

  • Michael Rivadavia

    Chase Bank is implementing a biometric system, that presumably started on
    1/17/17 in which you are “invited” to have your biometrics taken.
    For sure, along the way, it will become mandatory.

  • jmcarp98

    They are just slowly enslaving us huh? I am a U.S. slave that is trying to
    make a life outside of the U.S. but its certainly not easy. With capital
    controls and visa controls its extremely difficult for a young guy to make
    a life anywhere outside of your place of birth.

  • Prophetic Warrior

    Type and shadow – Revelation 13:17 and that no one may buy or sell except
    one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  • Richard Woodson

    Hey James, I’m a fairly new sub. an viewer, Biometrics n The
    Demonization,(demon), Some may think this the mark of beast! This Has
    nothing to do with a mark on the forehead or hand! What our Father Says in
    The KJV Bk of Revelations it’s in your mind, the brain, the way you think
    and your actions with your mind n body! As we all know the deceiver, the
    false christ and his spiritual influences on all those willing n unwilling,
    without Wisdom n Knowledge, if our Father, The Seal Of God in Their
    Foreheads, are going too do his work! Keep Up The Work!!!

  • jasmoran66

    I live in Thailand, which is a heavily street market, cash-based economy.
    This cashless crap won’t fly here. There’s no way to enforce it nationwide.
    Pockets here and there for show, but that’s about all. I would apply this
    to all SE Asian nations.

  • Karl Johnsen

    BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform. Its mission is to put
    people and free speech first. It’s free to join and create and upload your
    own videos to share with others.

  • Vassili Stanislav

    Whats wrong if some millions of indians are chipped and tested, indians are
    1.3 billion in number and they breed like cockroaches , some disease to
    terminate them

  • Karasaph Exonar

    From Germany here: When I visited the USA, I had my fingerprints scanned
    and my photo was taken. This has been done with a machine but the final
    okay was done by an officer. There is nothing new about this, right?

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