9/11 Suspects: Robert Baer


Given the exceptionally grave nature of this admission and its repercussions, one would suppose that Baer has been questioned by other media and/or the FBI and made to discuss in detail precisely who it was who cashed out and how he knew about the 9/11 plot in advance. But one would be wrong. Since making this stunning admission to the cameras of We Are Change Los Angeles, no one has ever asked Baer for more information about the case.


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  • slippybits

    Cant trust anything the CIA says or has to offer. Thats the idea is for
    them to twist/distort/manipulate the truth to suit their agenda.

  • Aggravated Introvert

    This little collection of videos has been absolutely fantastic Mr. Corbett
    and I hope you continue to show all youo know and find about any suspicious

  • thajman

    Should have been simple to see exactly who cashed out right before 9/11/01,
    just subpoena the SEC for the records. Oh right, those records are gone

  • kanukster

    LOL, 15 years later and twoofers are still struggling to reveal a single
    piece of evidence showing 9/11 was ‘an inside job’.

  • NOpcBS

    Great work James. Problem is our interest in saving this beat to shit
    nation makes us suspects for one utter garbage reason or another. One must
    question if there are ANY brains or morals in the “intelligence” agencies
    left. One must know there are none with both.

  • RichiefromBoston

    Great series James, Aleinscientists newest offering is also uploaded to my
    channel, WE MUST NEVER FORGET they will try to erase the truth from
    AMERICAs memory.

  • UthinkUkNOwthings

    great video series James.
    And look the Cass Sunstein shills show up in the comments spouting the same
    bullshit to make legit truthers look like crackpots, which is exactly what
    they get paid to do. Why dont they stick to their own shill chambers
    instead of hijacking the actual researchers comment page- oh thats right;
    shills don’t do any research, they just make up crap, just like their

  • PrvtAttrny

    So “19 jealous cavemen” who we are told killed themselves and thousands of
    innocent people over a religion they refused to follow the basic practices
    of let alone to kill and be killed for, could pull off 9/11, but the most
    powerful governments with the most well equipped, advanced intelligence and
    military in the world (the US and Israel)…..couldn’t???

  • PrvtAttrny

    To the “No Planers” (I can’t believe I have to share this facts..smh) 1.
    Show us the videos of the explosions from the many witnesses please (and
    not the grainy video which no planets said was a flying “ball” despite
    there being no witnesses out of the 10 million people in NYC that would
    have seen it).

    2. What, the hundreds of thousands of witnesses to the planes were all in
    it… lol

    3. Most of the witnesses said it WASN’T an American Airliners but a black
    or dark grey military style plane. If they were all “plants”, then why
    would they contradict the narrative and say it WASN’T an American

    4. The risk of people filming the towers which would reveal there being “no
    planes”, especially in one of the most populated locations on Earth, would
    be way to high ace costly NOT to use planes.

    5. The odds that not one person filmed there being “no planes” is
    astronomical. By the time the second plane hit, the world was watching yet
    we are to believe they decided to not use real planes?

    6. If the witnesses videos had the planes edited in, the people filming
    would gee I don’t know…. TAKE NOTICE AND TELL US!

    There are so many impossibilities to this “no planes” disinfo, it amazes me
    that there are some people that actually believe it.

  • Jefe Hoptosh

    More Corbett gate-keeping, going after the small fry. 911 was a PNAC NeoCon
    dual Israeli American coup against the US govt., hijacking its military,
    treasury, security apparatus and state dept to utilize for wars for Israel.
    It had MOSSAD’s fingerprints all over it.
    911 transformed the USA into the United States of AIPAC and Washington D.C.
    into Ashkenazington D.Z.O.G.

  • Samuel J

    Rober baer put into perspective. He knew who he was talkng to when he gave
    that seemilgly nonchalant and spontanious interview with WeAreChange. There
    are indeed only two options. It is obvious which is worse but the other is
    not far behind in F*cking with people’s minds. Either way, it is bordering
    on psychopathic.

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