Who Is Milo Yiannopoulos REALLY?

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  • Tony Davenport

    Nigel Farage and Milo Yiannopoulos. extremely important individuals ,why
    are you worried about these two people? both represent freedom of speech
    these two guys will debate you and rip you apart

  • Rapunzel

    I think you are on the right track. Trump is a puppet like Obama before him
    and every president since Kennedy. The Rothschilds and and Rockefellers are
    in control. Trump is the fall guy, they will crush the economy on Trumps
    watch the ‘anti’ establishment president. They want us to crawl on our
    knees and beg for the NWO and globalization under the bankers rule.
    Neofeudalism is awaiting for us.

  • WetVac GoBack

    I always thought Milo was a phony myself when I watched him. I am a drunk
    that sells bullshit advertisement for a living and can normally sense what
    you see but Milo is very good. I’m drunk now but I’m definitely going to
    watch this again in the morning while hungover because I think you are onto
    something here.

  • Ivan Drago

    Errr…Milo has been around for years, it’s somewhat suspicious that he’s
    got a big money funded book coming out and this happens…. though your
    claims are a stretch too far. What’s SBC got to do with anything? Are you
    just hating on Jews in general??
    Also, I’m British we aren’t all flamboyant gays. I work construction, drink
    beer, watch football and chase after hot girls. I don’t assume all
    Americans eat McDonalds, wear cowboy hats and fire their muskets into the
    This video made me dumber.


    you’re on to something!!!! I know that milo is no good. I’m with you on
    this. I had suspected something about this brit piece of crap. I hope Trump
    isn’t making a mistake with these people

  • Dave o

    What’s not like about a gay Britt faggot conservative?? it makes the
    liberals go crazy👍👍 I am a real man w/ 3 kids and a happy wife and love
    the 1st& 2nd amendments👊👊

  • SS S

    Milo is not a conservative its even laughable if people suggest so. Hes
    obviously controlled opposition hes a joke. Good job Chris keep up the good
    work and god bless.

  • Jolly Truelove

    Its deadshit theories like this that are your downfall and cast you back
    into the tinfoil loony basket you have been fighting you way out of.

  • Scott Johnstone

    Looks like you called this one wrong Chris – Pizza gate too, you’re right
    they did spin it and tried to trap people , but there is truth in among all
    that mess – did you see the video of the lad who was threatened by James
    Alafantis – He found the location of the ‘kill room’ In some museum owned
    by Alafantis – along with the Podesta brothers and all the obvious
    references to child abuse – I know your video was more you saying you were
    worried about covering it and getting caught out than us falling into their
    trap .

  • Duffman1428

    “Literally burnt to the ground” Careful Chris you don’t want someone to
    accuse you of spreading fake news as there weren’t any buildings actually
    burnt let alone “to the ground”

  • Dr. Kidd

    if you read between the lines. this is actually a brilliant video. I wonder
    what George Soros’s thoughts are on communism? it would explain why he
    wants to create this class/ race struggle, because if it isn’t stopped, it
    will inevitably lead to communism.

  • Frank 42

    There is a slight difference between Sacha Cohen and Milo, but I can see
    the similarity. Sacha’s ridiculous caricatures were meant to bait
    embarrasing responses from people who may not have known he was a fake.
    Borat was a comically boorish anti-semite intended to bring out the bigoted
    attitudes of people when their guard was down. What Milo does on campus is
    essentially a comedy show for students who have been bullied by political
    correctness, but it also is designed to troll a reaction from the PC
    leftists in order to get media attention. I do not think he intends to bait
    illicit responses from his audience to their detriment, but I could be
    wrong. Once he gets on air he switches and becomes an articulate advocate
    for free speech and usually blows his left leaning critical interviewers
    out of the water while presenting his best side to a much larger audience.
    It’s a subtly different strategy. My main concern is with conservative
    identity politics itself which has a habit of hoovering up most of the
    legitimate issues abandoned by the left in such a way that it forces a lot
    of unaligned or disillusioned people to choose the whole cable package of
    conservatism in order to get advocacy that is lacking. I think political
    correctness needs to go as it is dangerous to the human spirit (and
    comedy), but unfortunately there are a lot of people who will give the
    cause a bad name by abusing it and thus reinforcing peoples belief that it
    needs to stay in tact. There are way too many people who will simply say
    the opposite of what’s polite just to be jerks and not enough people who
    really understand and can articulate why PC should disappear. Worse I have
    a feeling there are a lot of shills who make literal racist, sexist,
    anti-semitic, or homophobic comments on message boards to deliberately make
    the message board look bad and scare normal people away. That said, I am
    not certain that simply talking about PC was enough to shock people out of
    their sensitivity conditioning.

  • bmotx

    I completely agree! Been following this guy Milo for the past year and a
    half and at first I thought he was great. But then some things did not add
    up. He first claimed he was Catholic, turned out later he admitted he is
    Jewish. Also, he is an Englishman, with a Greek name, involving himself in
    American politics. Lastly, I’ve noticed that after attacking social justice
    warriors and feminism, he seems to be pushing two side issues. 1.
    Homosexuality on straight white males. 2. Zionism.

  • Nasafiyel Paige

    ALL it was just the leftist zionist jooze (soros and company) PLAY FIGHTING
    Milo and his Fagtard Circus “Right Wing” sponsored zionist jooze stirring
    up more FUCKERY for the imbecilic masses to enjoy watching. at the END OF
    THE DAY it’s the Jooze fucken OVER EVERYBODY. it’s a fucken distraction!!!!

    donald trump’s power circle looks like a fucken invite list for a bah
    mitzvah. people WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! smdh!!!!

  • Your Name Here

    UC berkeley literally burnt to the ground? Stop exaggerating to make your
    words seem more impactful. There was 1 small fire. Classes resumed the next
    day lol.

  • Geplus Logger

    I completely disagree with you Chris, but I love this video. If I were a
    leftist trying to intelligently dismantle the alt-right with a tin foil
    hat, this is the kind of video I would make to do that. Well done on this
    proof of concept. ;)

  • Lucho Portuano

    There were violent protest in San Jose which is less than an hour ways from
    Berkley. No milo there and it was still very nasty. Also hundreds of UC
    Berkley faculty and students opposed to Milo’s talk weeks before the
    protest. So it does look like legitimate leftist protestors doing dumb

  • GuyFox

    I think you’re dead on Chris. I’ve been thinking this all along while lying
    to myself in hopes of this being an overthrow of globalism when in reality
    this is all part of the narrative. More divide and conquer.

  • Nothing4YouHere

    Normal people throw money at him too :/ VERY popular fellow Milo is. I was
    hoping you actually dug something up XD

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