Jewish Identity Politics With Gilad Atzmon

Jewish Identity Politics With Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon
An incredible discussion with a musician and non-fiction author explaining that Jewish History is just a chain of holocausts with a few tea breaks and how they select certain cultures to be their destroyer.

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    Would it be a suprise to the viewers that the real Ju’s (Tribe of Judah)
    are originaly of African origin. NOT European Jews who are guilty of
    identity theft.

    Do your homework ;)

  • Gaston Ramirez

    I must confess I knew little about this guy other than bits and pieces, but
    the more I hear the more I like. A very smart guy.

  • J-Roc

    I live Vinny’s work, but latley, especially on Facebook, he seems to be
    doing nothing but constantly asking for large sums of money. Some of the
    reasons are quite suss. Has anyone else noticed this? I don’t want to
    denigrate him at all, but I would hate to see people taken for a ride. If
    he legitimately needs the money, fine, but it just seems to be.coming too
    thick and fast lately. Just an observation, please don’t jump on me.

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