Brett Stevens – Nihilism: Deconstructing Modernity

Brett Stevens writes on the topics of nihilism, deep ecology, nationalism and anti-work. He has been published at American Renaissance, RightOn, Alternative Right, Return Of Kings, Nihil and the blog where he serves as editor, His first book, Nihilism, was published via Numen Books in 2016.

Brett joins us for an enlightening conversation on nihilism, traditionalism, nationalism, and much more. We begin by talking about Brett’s ideological journey, which began with anarcho-capitalism and eventually led him to Neoreaction and the Alt-Right. Brett then tells us about his book, Nihilism. We learn that nihilism in this context doesn’t refer to an absence of values, but rather a philosophical process by which one discards all preconceived notions in order to discover the truth. This process, Brett explains, is rooted in realism, for it eschews emotional perspectives and concerns for arbitrary social norms. We then discuss consequentialism, which leads to a consideration of the role of violence in civilization. The first hour also delves into what we can learn from nature, the idea that all institutions are businesses, and the true meaning of collectivism.

In the members’ hour, we begin with a discussion on the true nature of the Left. Brett points out that the Left attacks those who disagree with it, whereas the Right only attacks in self-defense. We discuss the importance of realism, which Brett contrasts with perspectives rooted in concerns for what is considered socially acceptable at a particular point in time. We then switch gears to talk about the Alt-Right. Brett compares the Alt-Right to the mythic hero’s journey, and differentiates between people who are good at a specific set of modern skills and those who are able to obtain a more transcendent understanding of the universe. Later, we discuss transhumanism, which Brett argues is the contemporary Left’s answer to eugenics. The members’ hour contains discussing on a number of other topics, including futurism, traditionalism, and the Balkanization of America.

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About The Author


  • White Patriarch

    We The Westerners need not only to decontruct Jewish nihilism but to create
    a NEW value and moral system to guide our lives. Alternative is DEATH!

  • What is Real

    To think that the media is only interested in selling “products” is utterly
    idiotic. To the power from the top down, they are not interested in making
    anymore money or selling shit, these people create money, it is a game to
    them, it is not real. The media is a vehicle for social engineering and
    cultural alchemy, its NOT just a business “selling products”, it’s a
    programing medium for the herd, the herd does not choose what is put in the
    feeding trough. Nihilism is fucking stupid, the hyper rationality is
    useful, but always leads to idiocy in other areas. I did enjoy his insights
    but here are some criticisms. Trump is hollywood, Trump is the ultimate
    dialect…. he is the vehicle for Global restructuring, Chaos order
    control. The New World Order is here.

  • Betty Wilberforce

    Racism is just a word now used by Non Whites to Silence White People in
    their Own Ethnic Country

  • Jesus Christus

    the thou shalt not kill is a misinterpretation
    it is actually thou shalt not murder
    and that is a whole lot closer to what you are advocating for

  • NietZsche Apollonian

    He totally misdefined the non-aggression principle. He has strong opinions
    about libertarians without knowing what they stand for.

  • Gammadion Cross

    As soon as i found out the truth and you understand it the reset button is
    pushed and can never go back and very happy that many people are starting
    to see.

  • STH

    None can begin from zero. That is delusional. One cannot circumvent the
    matters and obligations of truth and falsehood by seeking a new conception
    of reality, which is a given by God.

  • STH

    At the very dawn of the 20th century, on 25 August in the year 1900, the
    great prophet of nihilism, Friedrich Nietzsche, utterly insane in his later
    years, died. His madness seemed to stunningly prefigure the incredible
    psychosis which would overwhelm the entire genocidal century to come as the
    civilized West turned against its own spiritual and historical identity in
    unfathomable matricidal rage. Eighteen years before his death in Turin,
    Italy, where he had gone to seek the relief of a better climate for his
    complex physical ailments, Nietzsche, after a period of prodigious literary
    and philosophical productivity, lost all control of his mental faculties
    upon seeing a horse abused in the street. In an act of supreme and poignant
    irony, the great Prophet of cruelty, of the Will to Power, who once said,

    “…pity crosses the law of development. It preserves what is ripe for
    destruction; it defends those who have been condemned by life”(1), “flung
    himself on the animal’s neck, sobbing inconsolably for the poor beast, and
    finally collapsed on the ground, never again to enjoy sustained mental
    lucidity. He had to be carried back to his room.

  • Vaga Bond

    I found out everything i was programmed to do was a lie. I was programmed
    like a robot by schooling, the media and movies. So i had to cut all the
    bullshit away, and then start all over. The only thing that is true for me
    now is nature. So i look at nature for answers, to rebuild myself and the
    way i live my life. The way the west runs right now is beyond the point of
    no return, so it has to fall completely before it can be rebuild again.
    Nature will always win, so we have to adapt and follow the natural way of
    things once again.

  • Mary Anne Clifton

    At the moment it seems that there are two groups of people who are wired
    differently and who are constantly at war with each other: one group seems
    to want to establish a human equivalent of an ant colony where individuals
    are of little consequence, are easily replaceable, and all worker/soldier
    ants (sterile females?) are equal in the hierarchy; a Leftist utopia which
    in reality is just a nightmare for any free-thinking individual! The second
    group seems, in my opinion, to consist of more evolved individuals who
    treat others as they would like to be treated, and don’t need a government
    or punitive God to keep them “good.” For each group, happiness, and a good
    life, means something completely different.

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