Former Varoufakis Spokesman: “Greece Is A Concentration Camp, The EU Is The Fourth Reich.”

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  • Pontius Barette

    The IMF is a private corporation is it not? It should have no role in an
    alleged democratic union of member states, yet the IMF somehow attaches
    itself to these institutions and is then presented as the ‘Troika’, in an
    attempt to legitimise the infiltration.

    It used to sicken me having to look at and listen to that WITCH Christine
    Lagarde on Irish television being wined and dined by cowardly Irish
    politicians and our lame-duck media swanning all over her, as she installed
    IMF ‘reforms’ in our sovereign state, robbing us of our real wealth; land,
    property, state institutions etc with an evil sadistic grin on her face. Of
    course you have to ask then; who owns the IMF……

  • Sam Sam

    horrible. I am of Greek heritage my father is translator here in Germany
    for Greek and German and I help him type some of the scripts etc … the
    stories you get are Horrible and it’s like he says Big Germany under the
    cover of EUROPE union..the Germans were allowed a cut debt by Greece as
    well ,if the germans hadn’t got that they would have not even been finished
    paying of first world War debts not to talk about the reperaration costs
    for Jewish people..Germany’s cooperations want to rule EUROPE they want to
    step out of US shadow and that is why there is a lot of tension between US
    and Germany /EU . but Germany still wants the US to pay and deliver troops
    for its goal wrapped in the cover of a NATO defense war with Russia that is
    a dilemma for Germany’s establishment.
    Greece is a captive ,exactly..economic prisoner for life ..and then you
    have the uprising of the Nazis in Germany calling out for sovereignty
    ..they don’t even understand , that we are all prisoners there is no
    sovereignty for the masses ,only for the ones with money..

  • bjlyon615

    I hope you will have this guest on again very soon. This is one of your
    very best interviews that I’ve heard! And I agree with you that the only
    way to begin solving the world’s economic problems is to get rid of the
    central banking system, return the creation of interest-free money to the
    government and get rid of fractional reserve banking. Also, the IMF should
    be sued for what it has done to countries around the world.

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