Where have all the rebels gone? “YOLO”, “Do What Thou Wilt” & End Times Prophecy Bullshit

Many people nowadays live life under the motto “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) or Aleister Crowley’s motto “Do What Thou Wilt”, but how have these mottos affected the relationships we build with each other? Do “End Times Prophecies” leave us pacified and not wanting to become involved with changing our planet? Where have all the real rebels gone? The ones who stand up for the underdogs and against bullies? The ones who are not scared to say “F*** the system!?” In this video Walter offers his thoughts on these topics.

Enter The Buzzsaw video:
Occult Royalty Connections & Kabbalah Nuclear Physics Revealed with Chris Everard

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1 Comment

  • Timothy Etuc

    Nicely said 🙂 – and first comment xD
    “End-Times-Prophecy” Bullshit could hit some nerves – I would recommend,
    that you don’t write “bullshit”, but use some other word for it like
    “End-Times-Prophecy”-“Mind control”.
    Your describtion of “waiting until Jesus comes”, so you don’t need to do
    anything, is very accurate critic, though.

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