Alien Disclosure’s Mandela Effect with Ronnie McMullen

Alien truth and the possibility of meaningful government disclosure, changing political rhetoric on UFO & alien contact, and the Mandela effect are explored with Ronnie McMullen on Buzzsaw. How the secret space program could be used in both space and genetic wars, martial law scenarios and the possibility of a reckoning, plus genetic engineering in food as a means to control are discussed. Enter the Buzzsaw for Hollywood messages hidden in plain sight, and an elixir to change your life–hosted by Sean Stone.
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Author and lecturer Ronnie McMullen has been an on-air personality for over eleven years. He has always picked subjects that are not necessarily covered by mainstream media. Ronnie brings a magnetic energy and a devoted passion to his listeners each week as he takes you through the theater of life. He focuses on how we can navigate through this negative-themed world that is obsessed with things rather than ideals. Ronnie brings a diverse group of guests to the table that bring forth truths to a sleeping society that is waking up.

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00:01 Welcoming Ronnie McMullen to Buzzsaw.
00:44 Hillary Clinton, and changing the name of UFOs to Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon.
01:51 Is disclosure coming? Crumbs of truth.
02:30 GMOs, Genetic Modification, and connection to an alien agenda.
04:45 Martial law scenarios? What is coming?
07:35 Skepticism about the reckoning.
09:30 A new timeline beginning –cues from the entertainment industry.
10:21 The alien equation–extraterrestrial power structure of good and evil.
13:14 Mandela effect and timeline wars.
17:04 The secret space program, and possibility of a space war.
19:17 Genetic wars, and the genetic map to ‘heaven’.
25:08 Living genetically modified v. Life Change Tea.
27:50 Where to find the tea & special offers for Buzzsaw watchers.
29:28 Thanks and goodbye.


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  • Obtuse Minds

    The “Aliens” have always been here since the beginning of creation. The
    “aliens” is not an accurate name because are simply the Bene HaElohim also
    known as fallen angels/sons of God. And yes the National Bible Association
    has infiltrated the original texts of the Bible and the Vatican in history
    are the ones who wrote 20 different versions of the quran and all world
    religions are rooted in Ancient Babylon.

  • raahkaa

    It feels to me like your guest has no clue what he is talking about.
    Talking about UFO`s is one thing, but saying the Old Testament is against
    the New just goes to show ignorance. Stick to talking about aliens, if you
    want to talk about the Bible, go study a bit first (a bit meaning at least
    a few years). Keep being “spiritual” until then….

  • sharon anderson

    i think it will be under clinton tht it will be declared. not obama. he is
    evil but she is evil incarnate. unless they charge her then it will be him.
    now i do agree with him on trump.

  • steven lee

    U will see on news around the world ” these beings revealing themselves to
    the world ” panic ” fear ” time of trouble ” they are already here ” just
    waiting for the right time ” the right time ” the right time” u may be
    laughin at me ” now ” but I’ll have the last laugh ! You’ll see ” you’ll
    see ?

  • FaceOfTheEarth

    Orange = 33 = FM = Lies
    Check out theJonathanKleck for hardcore explanation and answers. This man
    clearly has a different agenda than to convey any kind of truth.

  • Striker Orwell

    One reason they wont disclose is the fact that we do have hostile species
    like the Grays and Reptilians and the US government with their co operation
    with the named aliens! The disclosure will come from benevolent races as we
    already are “contaminated” by the Gray and Reptilians!

  • June Bug

    there js a truth to Mandela effect. .in my bible they have replaced the
    word matrix. .for womb..this is the only bible i have had. .and somehow
    something changed my bible! !magicians. .satan..demons. .thousands all over
    the world. .and they say land masses have changed also..

  • June Bug

    sorry guys dont agree with you’s at all..God does talk about streets of
    gold. .mansions..i am a believer in Jesus. .i guess you are not..aliens are

  • Michael Vinci

    are ignorant government can’t do a damn thing because they’re too
    ignorant.. well governments around the world if you can’t do s*** with it.
    release alien technology to the public because guarantee you there somebody
    out there smarter than your ass in the real world.. what we need to do is
    disclose all alien technology to the public.. besides weapons free energy
    free energy for houses free energy for cars free energy for everyone..
    clean energy efficient safe. all the government’s in the world are so
    stupid that they can’t understand they’re holding Humanity back and they
    just need to let it go. all knowledge should be free to everyone it is the
    only thing that keeps us moving forward… all you money-grubbing power
    assholes. I know you like holding on to your little dollar sign. money is
    the root to all evil when people wake up and figure this out the world will
    be a better place.. if you can make energy free what is the sense in
    money.. got to get rid of the rich greedy assholes all of them.. if we have
    the technology we need to be getting ready.. not sitting on our asses.

  • Alexandria Heather

    The art of mind control began many centuries ago, with the original
    Assassins, or Hashish-men – hypnotized into service with potent hash.

  • Manik Chand

    Oh, don’t even question Trump’s lineage and agenda. He is very much within
    the powers that be, nobody who has more than a hundred million dollars in
    his / her bank account can ever be too far away from the elite’s higher
    echelon and their arms. Donald J. Trump went to the Warton School of
    Business, and Fordham University, both are JESUIT backed schools. So, he is
    very much a challenger for the Jesuits from within.

  • Manik Chand

    UFOs or unidentified flying objects, or simply called flying saucers are
    all based on one man’s theory that such machines flew in from an
    extraterrestrial plane of consciousness for us, the earthlings. This man’s
    name is Billy Mier. He used to live in Switzerland and he wrote perhaps the
    first few books about alien ships, abduction and even published a few hand
    drawn sketches of these flying saucers. His works were basically inspired
    by the one act of alien like craft that crashed in Roswell NM in 1947. More
    than half of the scientific community already KNOW this and believe fully
    well that this was a Hitler / Stalin collaborative effort over which they
    fought in the WW-2 and Stalin won, while Hitler lost control of this
    technology. When he tried to invade the United States with such a craft,
    our army and navy commanders got lucky and took it down with a missile.
    Ever since then the US government has been researching on every single
    aspect, part and energy-fuel segment of this craft and bringing out one
    technology after the other into the civilian world. Examples: Cellular
    phone technology, Radiology, X-Rays-Gamma-Rays, Optic Fiber, LASER
    technology, Ultra-Sonic airplanes, objects that can fly faster than those
    machines that failed to break the sound barrier before. Bottom line is: No
    ET world exists from where any alien being or a UFO can reach our world
    without first getting completely annihilated due to friction as space-time
    travel is not that “Non-Hostile”.

  • Manik Chand

    Ronnie, it is an interesting thing to imagine that. But, nobody, not even
    in the ancient world has anyone ever been able to describe the dimensions
    of any soul, whether human, bird, animals or insects, the soul is
    ‘Immeasurable, indivisible, not-quantifiable, not-capturable and hence
    aliens can’t capture souls in drawers. But, that’s probably quite a nice
    visual you have crafted with words. Still, that’s not what it is…..

  • what shall it profit a man

    IF you think Christianity is uninteresting, then have a look at the
    fragment known as the Gospel of Mary. While it is categorized as “gnostic”
    it contains nothing in the way of gnosticism.

  • O.G. R/H

    On aliens (lowercase “a”)… Professing themselves to be wise, they became
    fools & or shipped the creature rather than the creator… The (uppercase)

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