Question the Metaphysical World, Past Life and Higher Conciousness

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  • Straw Man

    At least you’re seeking truth. I am continually searching for truth, and
    I’ve been experiencing the phases of of it throughout this journey. It
    hurts at first, because I’ve realized all the deception of this prison, and
    enslavement of our minds. Then, anger crept in followed by resolution. This
    personal awakening has me convinced of a god that exudes loving energy.
    It’s very hard at times, but love for oneself and others is the key to
    paradise. We must not stoop to the lower levels of evil. I wish you the


    some of you people in the US definitely are entertaining. love it!
    past lives, cloaks, cowboys, burned at the stake with saints…. gotta love
    thank you for making my day.

  • Ricky Valentine

    We are what was, what is and what will always be. When we come into this
    world, we are taught to believe that we are apart from this world, when
    this world is a part of our selves. When we communicate with one another,
    we are (in a sense) communicating with our own selves, as we are a part of
    something much greater. When we speak hatred to each other, we are creating
    hatred in ourselves. When we show love to one another, we are bringing love
    into our own selves. We and the Father are One.

  • Dražen cimbaljević

    Einstein is pseudo-scientist take Nikola Tesla to read he left something
    behind, not only unreasonable books. You have greetings and gratitude from
    Serbia. Everything that happened to us happens now with you but on a larger
    scale. Hold on and continue to fight, HARD HITTING AND IN YOUR FACE

  • Jason Freddy

    yes chris, reincarnation is real. The A.I (artificial intelligence) tricks
    our souls into reincarnating into this reality, they cant force you because
    awareness has free will.

  • Plant Peace

    Floatation Therapy! Aka, sensory deprivation (or acceleration) is a
    multi-faceted tool used to engage into the theta brain waves. GREAT to know
    that master minds including Einstein used these waves to enlighten and
    create with the IMAGINATION!

  • Dylan Monahan

    You all might find this interesting; I have noticed multiple Christians say
    that they have come upon knowledge through the Holy Spirit suggesting that
    our “junk” DNA is in fact what facilitates a connection to the Spiritual
    Realm. This is made more interesting by the fact that I have witnessed
    various Satanists declaring a similar reality (only one that supports their
    Occult promise). When you have both sides of the fence agreeing about
    something, it’s worth raising an eyebrow.

  • Joe Albert (Elliptizoid)

    I also used to believe in past lives until I trusted the Holy Bible as my
    final authority. It says in Hebrews 9:27 ” And as it is appointed unto men
    once to die, but after this the judgment: ” So we only die once; so make
    sure you’re trusting in the only one who can give us eternal life – The
    Lord Jesus Christ.

  • John de Leon

    I know that our spirit is breathe out by the Lord Almighty and from the
    Lord Almighty. And obviously God is the Alpha and Omega. So your theory has
    some validity.

  • Arthur

    Chris STOP IT!!! Come on they don’t want the truth, you know why ??
    Thank you Great video 👏👌😉

  • Bjørn Sommer Lund Petersen

    Right on Chris. Just look in to the Work of Terence Mckenna, Mark Passio,
    David Icke and Lloyd Pie. There is a lot to open our minds up to.

  • flametongu

    I wonder if ants or bees think same way, let’s not worry we work whole life
    as slave to get benefits after life. Everyone has 2 parts of brains and
    each of them are independent when you are born. Different state of
    counciousness is letting 2nd part of your brain get to decide about what is
    going on with you. If you don’t understand how human works that dosn’t mean
    that nobody does. Think, why babies do hit themself with left hand and not
    right one. Left side is intuition, feelings, etc, Right side is logic,
    facts. Every healthy human decides using right side of brain. Those are
    really 2 souls inside one body in every one of us. If you start thinking
    using mostly left side you end up dead suiciding or in mental hospital, you
    will get visions, talking with god etc. You will end up living in word that
    is fantasy world preety much like a dream which might be also a nightmare.

  • Deimos

    To me this is your best video so far mate. I’m hoping more and more people
    will begin to open their eyes to all of this.
    Namasté, my friend.

  • Mrjohnboy1965

    Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH . (God became MAN)
    Time began at the birth of the universe and is speeding up to its
    conclusion at the end of the age . God is ‘outside’ of time and the
    Universe …
    Jesus is coming SOON , when he said ” Look i am coming quickly ” (Quickly)
    comes from the Greek word “Takh-os” where we get the word tachometer, so
    what Jesus meant was ” i will come when things are revving up” time is
    literally speeding up …same amount of hours in a day BUT it just go’s
    ‘faster’ !!!

    What you are sensing is your connection with the holy spirit .

  • Twisted

    We are more then just flesh and bones. We are energy. We take in and give
    off energy. The type of energy you project (positive or negative) is the
    type you will receive. Everything around us is energy.

  • Bill Clay

    Past lives isn’t biblical. If you don’t follow scripture you’re likely to
    succumb to the delusion that is coming.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

    11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should
    believe a lie:
    12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had
    pleasure in unrighteousness.

  • Randall Logan

    Your message is timely and appropriate Christopher, the grand awakening has
    started! It is no coincidence that you chose now to post this message, many
    other are also feeling the truth come to the surface; still others will
    become lost if they do not quickly ground themselves to truth!

  • Jared Morein

    Only the truly ignorant will not entertain these questions, and they will
    remain ignorant. I am a scientist by trade, and although I do not agree
    with some of the beliefs you’ve shared in this video Chris, I have thought
    long and hard about each and every one of the things stated in this video
    from previous research I’ve done. I also admire your courage to share your
    beliefs which may turn many away from your work (which is excellent by the
    way). I believe it is better to ask the question, and truly consider it,
    than to never ask at all and just go on blindly with your life. Doing that
    truly makes you more wise and humble. Humble because the more you question
    things that you think you already know the answers to, the more you realize
    you really do NOT know. And that, my friend, is truly humbling. As the
    great Socrates once said: “The only true wisdom is knowing you know

    Thanks for your work and I wish you much luck Chris,

  • Enchanted Forest

    You chose to be born at this time and to live in this age. Even with the
    memory of torture and pain, you still choose to speak the truth. You are
    are an awakener. Your voice goes out as a vibration that moves others who
    are awakened now. Do not make decisions from a negative space. Stay in the
    light. Peace.

  • aidakensuke

    First, those who seperate real science and their belief truly dont
    understand it. If any idea of the post-aetherical world is true, it
    HAS-TO-BE connected to this physical reality through some mechanism. I’m
    thinking about vibration. Everything is a wave. When you get small (or fast
    vibrating?) enough, you will cross the bridge at some point. The whole
    topic is a discussion about the blueprint of the universe, but somehow
    became a battlefield for profiteure and lower human instincts

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