Costa Rica Ironman John Garita – The Vegetarian Advantage | The Keymakers

This time I team up with Ironman Division Champion John Garita after his amazing performance in Australia’s Ironman Competition. Me and John discuss the advantages of being a vegetarian, the mindset of a winner, and the connection between spirituality, happiness and success in life goals.

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  • Benjy

    Vegan is the way to go.

    Sevan, I asked a question on tour last video and on Snapchat but I’m not
    sure you read it.

    I know you talked about the matrix but what do you think about what the
    author says about it? Sophia Stewart interview is on YouTube. Advanced
    technology taking over and such.

  • pmcfarlin7

    This video was dope and its cool to see an athlete’s perspective on
    balancing and expansion. Hopefully this can show people anyone can do this
    its not limited to certain individual .

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