Margaret Sanger Never Said She Wanted to “Exterminate Blacks”

Hear about the birth control movement from an Alt-Right perspective.

Lana talks about Margaret Sanger and the true origins of Planned Parenthood, breaking apart the lie that Sanger was a racist, “like the Nazis.” If anything, Margaret Sanger was anti-White.

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  • 408Magenta

    So, the MAAFA21 documentary which I tout so much has been “selective” in
    its use of that phrase. Pity, it destroys their at times, fine,

  • Kaiser Frost

    I think a lot fewer white women would have abortions if we had loyal men by
    our side and supportive communities to raise our children in. Speaking as a
    white woman, I feel that this world is not fit to raise children in.

  • Leonard Neocohen

    I want all people to prosper however I care about my people that much more
    and it is only recently I have given myself permission to think logically
    about race (& iq ect. very informative. thnx lana

  • Leonard Neocohen

    btw I like milo ya hes a degenerate but anything on the right gaining
    traction is good for us. let’s not purity spiral let’s think. I dont think
    we can out jew the kikes we do not have that in us. let’s be pragmatic not
    hateful not the stereotypes that (((hollywood))) portrays us as and lets
    foster the aristocratic Faustian spirit european people posses.

  • carl marcelin

    eugenics “the devils crown jewels”……..”the sickness of
    whites”……that b*tch is in hell stirring shit!

  • Jackson Oconnel

    Yeah, still fucking murder though.

    Ever watched one? It is fucking murder.

    Maybe your argument is that not all murders are wrong. It is a fucking evil

  • Stand Up Europe

    Milo sort of reminds me of PJW. some subjects they completely stay away
    from, like the JQ. and others they skew or distort, like Hitler, WWII,
    Alt-Right, etc.. both are supposedly “truth speaking conservatives”…

  • Tamara Rodriguez

    In one of my (forced) humanities courses I had a feminist teacher and there
    was a student or two who had history majors and some gender studies minors.
    Supposedly, many feminists were pretty racist back in the day and feminist
    students and instructors openly admitted this and discussed it in the open.
    They are currently trying to heal this division. There is this split in the
    feminist movement between races. If Milo is doing anything, he is creating
    more division within the left.

    You mentioned Israel. They have to go in front of a board and 98% of their
    request to abort are approved. They openly admit they don’t want “undesired
    or inadvertent” pregnancies and they don’t appreciate pregnancies by single
    mothers. This is all paid for by the state. Does this mean that Jews are
    genocidal of their own in their own ethnocentric country? Or is this how
    they maintain a strong society, strong parental bonds to properly raise a
    child, and maintain a high average IQ…

    I think every race can take a page out of Israel’s book. Would you
    encourage your lower IQ, trailer park whites to have too many children just
    because they are white?


    Also, in one of my European Civ classes, my textbook said that divorce was
    made easier in order to promote a higher population. The reasoning was
    because people would find partners they are more compatible with and they
    would have more children and then the extended family thing came in. (No,
    I’m not endorsing that, I am just telling you what I read in one of my
    textbooks). I wish I had my old textbook because I can’t find that on the
    spot online atm but here is a link for Israel.

  • Andrew Eriksson

    But…What’s so wrong about wanting blacks to stop procreating in white
    countries? No blacks = less 50% crime. So, how’s that a bad thing? It would
    be a blessing for all those hood broads, who can’t spend a day without a
    black cock between their thighs and can’t be bothered taking the pill or
    using a condom, then end up single mothers and raise even more black thugs.
    It’s a win win situation, blacks get to be as irresponsible as they want
    and whites don’t have to put up with any more black generations in their
    own countries.

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