U of T Prof Refusing To Use Preferred Pronouns May Soon Be Breaking The Law

University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is in hot water for daring to criticize and objecting to the Trudeau government’s Bill C-16, which aims to make harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression a crime under the Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.




“Professor against political correctness: Part I: Fear and the Law”

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About The Author


  • Doug Diamond

    Bill c-16 isn’t liberal, or progressive. Systemic racism is a thing, but
    going about it this way is foolish. Freedom of speech, is a liberal
    progressive idea. Anything that limits free speech, no matter the
    intention, cannot therefore be classified as liberal or progressive. Just
    because The Liberals are about as liberal, as the Libertarians are
    libertarian. The whole thing is very Orwelllian.

  • Michael S

    I used to refer to Canada as “Absurdistan”. Let’s get this over with and
    call it what it is, “Fucktardia”.

  • Awakened2Truth - Disciple of Jesus the Christ

    For people who learned english after… english is truly being destroyed.
    Do not people comprehend that the devil possessed utter megalomanical
    satanists running the show, that they are destroying the very core of
    grammar that was codified around the 3rd century A.D. that makes it
    possible to even make a correct sounding sentence! This is UTTER INSANITY!
    They are destroying any understanding of how language is to be understood
    and conveyed! Literally who we are as spiritual beings an biological is
    literally being ripped apart! It’s ALREADY difficult enough for people to
    learn english since it’s like a barbarian language compared to many
    non-english ones and what these marxist literary destroyers are doing is
    basically getting us to go against the natural God created order in every
    which way possible *even if it means destroying the very language we
    intrinsically need in order to communicate according to REAL DEFINITIONS
    and not totalitarian ones!*. INSANITY!

  • alfabravo80

    In warfare when one tribe defeated another, the first killed where mature
    and able men, women and children (especially female children) were largely
    spared. Cultural Marxism is no different, this is why cucked men like
    Justin Trudeau are used to radically change Canada.

  • Truth Archives

    Did this gatekeeper really compare the Germans utilizing the same
    degenerate faggot lies? LOL

    The Germans believed in Hitler because he kept his promises and rebuilt the
    Nation without Jewish usury and other degenerate perversions plaguing the
    nation within 6 years. We have yet to reach that level of unification and
    notoriety even after a century of ‘victory’. Keep calling them “Elitists”
    LMFAO, we all know they’re hardcore Zionists. You’re a true closet Marxist.

  • Ricardo Mair

    yes,,they will make him into a human shish kabob !!!! ,, ,, and by the way
    there are only two races on this planet ,, human or ROTHSCHILD ALIEN HYBRID

  • Literally Hitler

    The unfortunate situation many inner city black communities find themselves
    in? Being black? Because those poor situations are almost exclusively their
    problems. No other race on the planet, in any civilized country has the
    problems that blacks do. When you look at Africa, a black continent run by
    blacks, the same problems persist. Violence and criminality.

  • BlackLivesMatter Vegan

    Yeah, but what does this have to do with hermaphroditism, androgyny and jus
    ppl born in between with different tingly feelings going through their
    gonads, cns and brain.

  • Vil Rovner

    “have your cake and eat it, too” – as if this is somehow unusual or
    expecting too much, which makes it a terrible analogy – you EAT cake, you
    don’t wear the fucking thing 🙂
    Anyway, it’s a great video, so excuse the rant. You got on to one of My

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