Counter Intelligence | Part IV – Necrophilous


Shining a Light on Black Operations

This 5-part documentary is a great expose on the national surveillance state that has arisen over the last 50-100 years. Manipulating elections, overthrowing foreign governments, and secret assassinations are just a few of the heinous acts committed in the name of national security. Now that Edward Snowden has blown the lid off of the NSA’s Prism snooping program, this film series is even more important and relevant.

Part 4: Necrophilous
An examination of torture, war crimes, and abuse of authority during protests and war. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay Cuba shed light on the US security state’s attitudes towards those who resist (or are accused of resisting) the American Empire’s attempt at global hegemony. Islamophobia — largely a construct of media propaganda — is the driving force behind American’s lust for war in the middle east and Americans’ tolerance for crimes against humanity and “collateral damage”.


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  • jim black

    This information, along with thousands of years of history just proves that
    we are still a very aggressive, hateful, ignorant, arrogant, and primitive
    race of beings. And as history shows, the wealthy and powerful pledge
    allegiance to no country nor flag and continue to use and manipulate the
    masses at will.

  • chris. morgan

    We are, as a whole, agressive and hateful and all that but, I have been
    listening to lectures and reading book by Noam Chomsky. He says that the
    conditions a persson developes and lives in is what makes for the violent
    and hateful, ignorant people of the world. Do you agree with that.

  • jim black

    Chris, I absolutely agree with you and also like Chomsky’s work as well.
    Our problem seems to be that the worlds leadership from the top down are
    still obviously motivated by greed, power, wealth, population control, and
    paranoia, etc. A sad bunch of megalomaniacs i guess. But the sadest part is
    that most people buy into their schemes and indoctrination hook line and
    sinker. Our entire way of life has been molded into a battle ground where
    our most primitive traits flourish. Sadly.

  • blica1

    What you just said is eerily similar, if not almost identical to what i’ve
    said before about another documentary i was watching a few months ago..This
    is the very reason i got off Facebook, and i suggest that you do the same
    as well..Facebook is no more a social network site, than it is a C.I.A and
    F.B.I. surveillance tool to keep tabs on what you watch, say, or do. cont..

  • blica1

    It is a mindless distraction for ignorantly oblivious masses of douche
    bags, soccer moms, moronic teens,egotistical, narcissistic individuals
    posting whatever stupidity they feel will make them more interesting, or to
    give them some sort of distorted feeling of self assurance. You can’t help
    but feel sorry for them Facebook is the ultimate dumbing down media tool to
    keep the world stupid and distracted period..I hope you realize this as an
    affirmation of self awareness..cont.

  • blica1

    Even though it can serve as a tool for exposing certain things or to make
    people aware, the fact is that most people don’t give a fuck.. This is the
    reality..I posted so many vital and important documentaries for people to
    watch, and to show to my American relatives and not 1 person left a comment
    or liked the video..But they’ll comment immediately on some funny picture
    or video i posted..Yeah that they’ll comment on..This is what i mean.

  • rosmer00

    Wanna take the world back from the hands of Psychopaths in power?

    1- Do not lose your second amendment, once you do you loose the battle for
    you and for all of us, the only reason they haven’t gone truly dictatorial
    with you, like they did in so many other countries, is they know you people
    can actually defend yourselves.

    2- Spread this kind of information, make it viral, make others aware before
    they get manipulated into fighting you.

    3- Take money out of politics, get rid of the profit incentive.

    4- Make mandatory to take MRI scans to anyone running for any public office
    or any position of responsibility.

    All of humanity’s future is a stake.

  • FootPrintsUC

    Im wondering why the February 1993 World Trade Center Bombings didn’t make
    the cut of ‘narrative’ inclusion here? Hmmm…

    • Jason Waybrant

      because the wtc stuff is under hot debate and dismissable by most sheep i
      think the point is to show the indesputable history of these actions by our
      loving government
      . the general public has been trained to “roll their eyes” whenever someone
      says world trade centre
      because they don’t know history

  • christopher totten

    son torture doesn’t provide useful intelligence is because you’ll say
    anything to make it stop ! Ok. So now you know that the United States
    government is corrupt . What the fuck are you going to do about it ?

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