Milo was Just FIRED by Breitbart in Testament to Rig Job

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  • Maestro Z

    wow Christopher…I have been following you for about 2 years now…but honestly…you are going bananas….I am not telling you to shut up…I am telling I just can’t take this stupid channel anymore…you need to just relax dude…MSM already lost and won’t get up again

  • JR S

    I never read anything he stood for, sorry, I always thought he was a sick pup. lip stick on a pig. I thought they would have used Caitlyn Jenner but they used Milo…..

  • M Krafts

    To rise like he did is not a matter of skill but a matter of permission from up top. And the top gives no one permission unless its to further their agenda.

  • Jo Ko

    He’s not a pedophile and his words were taken out of context. I watched the video and, for the record, it was recorded a YEAR ago. Ask yourselves why this is just coming out now? Christopher. I like you, but in this video, you are really ticking me off. We should all be defending free speech, not putting Milo down. I agree that this was orchestrated, but I don’t believe the elite built him up on purpose. I also think that Milo will do just fine without Breitbart who I have also distrusted for some time now in addition to Bannon.

  • Brent Metro

    I never thought Milo was anything more than a Ritalin kid. I didn’t know who this guy was and didn’t care, but his following was large and notice-worthy. I’ve watched “portions” of his videos, and knew this guy was not able to perform on stage without heavy, exotic-designed amphetamines. I just accepted this is what college prodigies require, but this “meteoric” rise would certainly be followed by a “cratering” fall.

  • nafreehc

    Chris, you’re right about a lot of things, but methinks thou doth protest too much. Milo spread an anti-Marxist view and influence on many of our nation’s Marxist schools, so divide and conquer can work both ways. Also, Americans are very forgiving of someone who is repentant, and Milo can still play that card.

  • cosmos cosmos

    milo is not known as a pediphile he’s known as a trump supporter and more of a right winger who tried to push freedom of speech . he talked about shit that people were too scared to talk about. he had a lot of truth come out into the open.

  • hunkydoryorder

    Yea.. I’m finding it pretty hard to take you seriously here. It’s not as big a deal as you are pretending you think it is. Water off a ducks back where Milo’s concerned. Get fkn real (soon plz) and I’ll remain subbed.

  • Darker Sandman

    … ..The right is being portrayed as weak and submissive to the left, all the anti Trump rallies, they surrendered Flyn, they lost the travel ban to the left court, internal squabbling all display chaos. But with the firing of milo…he was a Frankenstein Monster, he became to big and this (hit piece) is a suppression of his rise in oppositional speech against the machine (The Powers) and they will grind you to pieces if you move to quickly… had nothing to do with left right dichotomy… Milo pointed out that gays committed more sex crimes…he should not have said that…


    Wow! Milo’s rise was clearly hard hitting and in your face! This entire video you show your true colors, of course you play the false nobility of your just trying to bring the truth but the truth is you in really in this “movement” for the money, that is where you anger is coming from. Not out of passion for the “movement” you chasing the passion for $. Which means your fake, which suggests that your news is fake! This video ends your credibility with me…you lost another viewer by acting like a bitter jealous Hilary Clinton!

  • Curt's Clocks

    Props Chris you called it! Really all that Milo did for conservatism was free speech and pay somewhat of a lip services to our principles, which he obviously didn’t embrace. Now this taking him down, may also be part of further tarnishing the catholic church.

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