Graham Hancock: Magicians of The Gods

To watch his upcoming talk on livestream, check out this page:

Live in person tickets sold out!

From Fingerprints of the Gods, published in 1995, to his explosive new book Magicians of the Gods, published in the US on 10 November 2015, Graham Hancock has spent 20 years in the front lines of historical and archaeological controversy.

In this upcoming talk he will share his unique experiences and perspective on the mysteries of the human past and explains why he’s convinced we are a species with amnesia forced, more than 12,000 years ago, to begin again like children with almost no memory of what went before. In the teeth of opposition from orthodox historians, and an ideologically driven consensus, a new paradigm of prehistory is emerging that will change everything we have been taught to believe about the origins of civilizations — and about ourselves.


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