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  • Burnt Brian

    Very well said as always, Ben! I salute my Brittish brothers and sisters
    for their decision to leave. Cheers! +

  • john smith

    brexit was about the rothschilds screwing over the queen and she separated
    herself from them.
    they think that they had a vote but this is nonsense
    she confronted the rothschilds about destroying the economy and it took 4
    years for a responce then she tried to prosecute them…they all knew this
    was comming and and made the necessary preparations …dont get me started
    about germany and russia trying to take over somhow they are tied into

  • Son of Tiamat

    The European Union is just another name for The United States of Europe
    which was what Karl Marx wanted Europe to become. It’s true intention was
    always to undermine national sovereignty and bring individual nation-states
    under the suzerainty of bankers and socialist elites. I am deeply disgusted
    with anyone defending this would be empire.

  • Kevin VanGelder

    John Kerry is still around? I was blissfully unaware of this fact until I
    watched this video… :(

  • Zeeke

    Ben, I like you but this video is not really balanced and informative.
    While there are elements of unelected officials, this is only partly true,
    the UK holds 10% of all the seat in the EU. There are representatives of
    each countries which are democratically elected, head of states also select
    presidential candidates.. etc.
    Its actually about £8 Billion a year. We give £12 Billion in foreign aid
    (for perspective).
    To say this whole referendum is about sovereignty is completely wrong,
    there are many factors why people voted the way they did, we are not that
    stupid to just base our vote on “sovereignty”. While I agree there are many
    bad things about the EU, it also has many good, it isnt perfect. Wish you
    did a more balanced video on this.

  • srvanddt1

    They are trying to make Mexico, United States and Canada as one. You have
    to be an idiot to believe one world banking is a good thing. Thumbs up to
    the Brits!

  • davidmcccsf

    Globalism is destroying exactly what makes the world worth living-our
    differences in culture, language, race, customs, etc are what give us all
    identity, pride, history, perspective and direction. Globalism is a desire
    to dissolve borders, a race to the bottom, tyranny and offers nothing but a
    dystopian future and a very homogenous boring place to live. Globalist a
    should be hung up to be gotten by crows and scavengers. They’re truly
    destroying America. Killary is only gonna make it worse. She will be our
    LAST president cause in the name of globalism she’ll bring us the last

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