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  • davidmcccsf

    This is true. My husband works in a doctor’s office and everything Ben says
    here is 100% FACT. Though it is even worse than stated. It is crazy how
    much catering he brings home daily. They cater twice the amount of food the
    whole office could eat. And vacation trips. It is crazy nuts. Probably
    similar to what politicians get from their lobbyists. Everything is
    corrupt. EVERYTHING!

  • Travis M

    That is why you don’t go to a MD for your health lol. Go to an ND. An ND is
    a general doctor that is geared toward your health. MD is someone that is a
    specialist in something like surgery. ND doesn’t push pharmaceutical drugs

  • Agent76

    4-3-2016 Told She Would Die, Canadian Mom Credits Cannabis Oil for
    Surviving Cancer

    After only five weeks of nothing but cannabis oil supplements, the family
    received a call from her oncologist with information about a current CT
    scan that had shown a ‘dramatic improvement’ in her liver, and a 25%
    reduction in her tumors. She went in for surgery to have the tumors
    removed, but as her husband noted in an interview:“Both tumors were
    completely dead when they ran them through tests.” – Chris Pearson Three
    months after her supposed “end of life date,” in March of 2014, she was
    officially in remission, and she feels certain that cannabis oil saved her


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