Larken Rose On The Theory Of Evolution

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Larken Rose about the theory of evolution, creationism and atheism vs agnosticism. Support us on Patreon ➜

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  • hamster in the machine

    I thought anarchapulco was all about discussing anarcho capitalism and free economy and stuff, but now it looks like they use that platform to talk about way too much pseudo science? How about you guys stick to talking about freedom, sound money etc… if you want to talk science do some ACTUAL RESEARCH first for crying out loud. (research as in laboratory work, repeatable experiments and observations and deductive reasoning. Science doesnt care about your feelings )

  • Charles Brightman

    What created the singularity or how did it eternally exist and then expand one day all on it’s own without any new energy coming into existence or having our current forces of nature in existence yet? Modern science has their “faith” beliefs also.

  • Kelli Bellon

    Rupert Sheldrake gives a theory, of formative causation, which addresses similar questions, in his book, The Past in the Present.

  • Charles Brightman

    Consider this:
    For those who are strict evolutionists and believe that “God” does not exist, or exists but had nothing to do with how we got here, THEN:

    1. Pure energy was created from absolute nothingness, or it actually eternally existed, all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    2. The mass that “banged”, “banged” all on it’s own and all just by chance, without any new energy possibly coming into existence (since modern science claims that energy cannot be created nor destroyed) or without any known forces of nature being in existence yet to allow the mass to exist and “bang”, all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    3. All the natural current forces of nature all came into existence without any forces of nature being in existence yet to allow that to occur, all on their own and all just by chance;
    4. All matter was created, all on their own and all just by chance;
    5. Our planet, solar system, and galaxy were formed all on their own and all just by chance;
    6. A soupy mix of chemicals happened here on Earth, all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    7. First simple life formed on Earth, all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    8. Simple life formed into complex life forms, all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    9. If you took a snapshot of the Earth today, all the males and females of every species, as well as all the males and females of species that led up to those later species, had to evolve at the exact same rate and at the exact same time in history for them to be here today. In addition, when we look at the species here on Earth, we should expect to see massive amounts of new species with only males or only females in them, that if they couldn’t reproduce, they would die out in one generation, but they should still exist. We just don’t seem to see what we would expect to see. And all this all occurred all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    10. The current forces of nature, even though being claimed to have come into existence as the singularity initially expanded and cooled, have not “evolved” yet even though the universe is still supposedly expanding and cooling, and the initial conditions acting upon the singularity are no longer acting on the singularity as they originally were, billions of years have supposedly elapsed, in a universe where energy that could supposedly not be able to be created nor destroyed would be getting less and less dense as the universe continues to expand and cool. And this occurred all on it’s own and all just by chance;
    11. The current forces of nature will never ever “evolve” and wipe out existence as we know it, and all this would happen all on it’s own and all just by chance.

    Now, I am not a mathematician, but I believe that if you took all these “all on their owns and all just by chances”, while I acknowledge that anything could be possible, and excluding #11 above as it concerns the future, the odds of that is how everything actually came to be are so astronomically improbable that it is actually ridiculous to think and believe that is how it all actually happened. But I acknowledge, maybe it did. But, what are the odds???

  • Josh Barber

    Bruce Lipton. Cells mutate and change depending on environment. Proven by experiment. It does this by the strive of survival.

  • CodeRedInstrumentals

    its a theory that people think is a fact. what does that tell you about the general population?
    if it isnt the theological religion its the materialistic religion either way you are bound!!

  • jerry kirkpatrick

    Wow 😳 you people are officially the dumbest fucks on YouTube. There is no debate amongst 98 percent of biologists that study evolution. I’m just waiting for when you actually press a scintilla of truth out of your totally fuck up view of reality. I actually thought this might be a joke.

    You and your followers are complete imbeciles.

  • TheGoverning BodyBag

    Hey no legs Dicks! Grow some balls and report on what the hell is going on in your country. Start picking apart CBC etc and pointing out the only (((“real” rebel media opposition in Canada is run by the same people))). This ain’t no holiday for us.

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