Feminists HATE on Kellyanne Conway for Being a Powerful Woman

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  • earthmom106

    Depends on who’s putting their feet up whether the hijabbed freaks go off πŸ‘πŸ˜œ. If it were Gloria Steinem they’d be singing her praises. Awesome!

  • tom parankewich

    You are right the alt media has to join forces as a united voice , world wide The majority are not happy at what is happening

  • brian brian

    Alternative Media needs its own PR Lobby, and they need to start to especially appeal to lawyers, law firms, and legal associations. Unfortunately UCLA is shilling for these fake news fucks on the left. ACLU should be sued.

  • The Compassionate World

    To tear down the power structure, tear down central banking. American must return to our roots of controlling and printing our own money.

  • Annette Bell

    I love Kelly Anne, flex out if you want. I hope you have your shoes off. You work hard enough. I miss seeing you on the news.

  • Queen of Hearts Baby

    πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘… Jealous of Being Around All those Dumbass’s, 😲😲😲 Ugly, STUPID Idiot’s πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

  • Peter Stewart

    17 mins Β·
    These are two of my youtube friends that got together ! an this is what we have got to do ! Get together !! FF to 38.00 …Why are these people so Evil ! … me says Alien intervention !

  • Orphan Red

    I think it’s more about how she’s sitting… She’s in a room full of mostly men, all dressed professionally, and she’s teasing glimpses of her panties and sitting like a child… It’s just odd and off-putting. Regardless of what your political views are.

  • C.David80

    What about the pictures I would see with Michelle sitting around the White House like a man! Crazy feminist.
    Thanks for mentioning the censorship. I had problems with my feed. I keep getting CNN and other channels in the “recommend” section. I can’t get other channels I subscribe too. Thanks for your channels Christopher and Lisa.

  • Keepingit 4real3

    Feminists are mentally unstable. They are insecure about themselves. I real women who is confident does not need the approval from others to live their lives. These women are so obsessed with how they appear to others they can’t see straight. Most of them are narcissist and have no business giving anybody advise about anything until they get their own stuff together. Their biggest weakness is believing there is safety in numbers instead of thinking for themselves. They are just like a gaggle of immature, high school girls who incapable of having an opinion of their own. They give females a bad name with their petty jealousies and need to be put in check.

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