In today’s live video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the 5 REASONS WE ARE AT RISK OF NUCLEAR WAR.
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About The Author


  • Jonathon Lang

    Fear Mongering. even Alex Jones has tones it down a bit. People have been saying this WW3 nuclear shit since I can remember I mean what you want me to do build a bunker with my looks ? until it happens then I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and that’s being happy and NOT living in fear

  • SashaS2art

    Seven kings (presidents) 5 have fallen. Carter Reagan bush Clinton bush (ford was appointed). One is (Obama)6 and & the other is yet to come (trump)7 and when he cometh he must continue a SHORT SPACE. The beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven (Obama). Hate to say it but you’re right and Donald Trump is in terrible danger.

  • Aaron David

    Keep up the good work Chris! Screw all the ass clowns that won’t wake up till there tv and phone stop working.

  • Nancy Daniels

    I don’t know if it was your team or YouTube that blocked my content on your last live chat. I was requesting you discuss CERN AND DWAVE. I would like to join your group but only if that is or can be a matter for discussion. I do not want to join only to be banned from speaking about it. Please let me know.

  • gaudeo

    This guy has nothing to say. He just repeats the same worthless shit Over and Over. Learn a new song parrot, yours is overplayed.

  • Kimberly Forrest

    God says we are surrounded by Russia, China and Africa and they do a lot of damage to us and the antichrist either Obama or Pope will be leader for 2 years at his throne, the devils seat in Germany. God says we are not fighting flesh and bone but the authorities and the dark world and the ones of high ( aliens which are the demons).

  • arbi babakhanians

    This is the same guy who shouted “Hillary WILL be the president of the US no matter what” millions of times, which turns out to be wrong. What a surprise!

  • Marty McFly

    Congress wants war, they love it!  Even most of the Right is ready to go.  John McCain is the pure definition of Warmonger and trader combined.  Well, me personally,  I like the Russians more than the Left for sure.  I trust their Government more than the Left being in power as well.  If they want a war they need to get off their asses and head over there and be sure to grab a gun.  The media is pushing it as well as they truly enjoy all the human suffering.  I don’t think they will get the war they hoped for…  But they may try to bring the war here to us?

  • ugsisr

    North Korea has been an accident waiting to happen since July 25th 1953 when the armistice was signed. Problem is they now have nuclear power.

  • Dave de Jong

    Shoot all nuclear bombs, the number of bombs can the world several times over exterminate! What I mean: If they do, they themselves have no world left to live!

  • Bob Jones

    I love AMTV underground. I really don’t mind paying the small monthly subscription to do my part in helping Chris wake up the masses to this deep state agenda and $ matrix. Plus no youtube censorship. Blessing to all! Thanks AMTV!

  • takforalt

    Trump seems to be playing the Zionist agenda i.e. take out Syria, Iran etc. I am so saddened by this. People, please read up on the Zionist agenda. I hope Trump comes to his senses and stays alive to carry out the positive aspects of HIS agenda.,

  • Robhert Müller

    Yes Chris! For sure my friend, 4 suuuure! We are living in another cold cold war. And that is a threat, that is something that’s keeping coming and coming before everyone’s eyes.

  • Cari Citizen

    Chris, I applaud you for being true to the cause and calling Trump out when it’s justified and not simply being a fanboi shill… TOO MANY in alt-media are turning into drones no better than the communist leftists they supposedly despise. I see it constantly. Good job bro

  • James Harder

    This is a peripheral diversion. Cold war tactics by the lodge associations in their pre-planned Albert Pike agenda.

  • Bobbie Knott

    This is a Warning and We Can Change This Time Line We are In right now!! Wake Up! Start to Think these things will not happen and start to think of the World we really want!!! Start to think positive and send out prayers and well wishes to all involved!! that they all can get alone and put their egos aside and Unite in love and respect of each others countries and peoples! We Are All One We Are Not Going Any Where Else anytime soon!!! We Must Learn To Play Nice And Respect Eachother!! B,

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