Charlie Hebdo – The Hidden Agenda Exposed

We don’t have to speculate as to how this event is going to be used. It has already started. Sources, transcript and download links:

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  • Bryan Dingler

    Hey guys where did you go?

    Its like you just vanished off YouTube. Last video was 4 months ago.

    What’s up?

  • Nulldrone

    Has anything happened to this guy? Ever since he posted this video, he
    hasn’t made another since, has he been targetted?

  • Toby Lerone

    It’s to ramp up the war on terror and I’ll get flack for this but I think
    it could have been a Mossad terror operation. May be hard to believe how
    they pull these off, but they do it with inside help and in France they
    have plenty just like in America.,

    Come on masked terrorists bringing photo ID with them. You can tell they
    look highly trained we’re not talking about those idiot criminals you see
    on those TV shows.
    Not copies of the Charlie Hedbo featuring the prophet were destroyed which
    would surely have been their goal if this was a Muslim terror attack.

  • derp face

    You’re retarded this isn’t some elaborate plot, those who are fanatics are
    either SJWs or extreme fanatics in france. A majority of france isn’t
    gawking at some leader like in the 1930s. What that woman was saying is
    impossible. There are so many groups with different affiliations in
    politics you wouldn’t get national unity from trying to “integrate” them.
    People in france are focused on fixing what they see is wrong in their gov
    or trying to keep nay sayers from changing things. Most likely that woman
    was from some group like national front, so no one unless they’re nuts will
    follow her “national unity”.

    Some of the shit that you say is what the amazing atheist and secular talk
    have done for years. Even to a farther extent than you. While you talk
    about revolution for a system that you don’t even know how to fund.
    Meanwhile kyle and tj propose actual fucking solutions while you talk about
    how fluoride is in the water and other crazy things. FYI your libertarian
    pals that you love so much aren’t so much for justice for citizens killed
    in iraq and elsewhere unless obama is blamed somehow. Especially that oath
    keepers group.

    Furthermore typical youtube bullshit doesn’t mean anything. Youtube does
    bullshit like this all the time. Also in the flagging options it says
    “violent or REPULSIVE content” so your video was apparently seen as
    repulsive. Then towards the end of the video you talked about “doing
    anything you could” so someone could take that as a harmful or violent
    thing and flag it. Maybe you should look into the flagging system instead
    of jumping to conclusions.

  • Werner Roets

    There are large channels that are far more controversial than yours that
    don’t get censored. You’re just an alarmist. You have no concrete evidence
    for your narrative.

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