Wikileaks Data Dump Proves You Are Being Spied On

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV investigates Wikileaks Vault 7 Data Dump- You Are Being Spied On!
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  • marscelr

    To secure your mobile device put it inside of a empty bag of potato chips that has the metallic lining while your not using it. The bag blocks the signal.

  • DutchEastIndianApplePie

    Its okay if the United States hacks another country’s elections and I mean it both literally and metaphorically. But it is definitely not okay for Russia or any other country to hack our election. Why? because America fuck yea.

  • mike #1

    you’re right about one thing we say he’s gone replace Obamacare he never did he just add some shit and track some stuff make no sense

  • john Rigby

    and yet still you all do nothing….how far do they have to push you fat lazy Americans before you stand up and do something about it……they could basically flip you over and fuck you up the ass live on tv and yet you would still do nothing……who is going to stand up and make the change..TRUMP lol..I don’t think so….people need to be held to account…but of course that will never happen…..USA USA USA

  • Red Masque

    If they’re spying on me i don’t give a f*ck – i’ve nothing to fear, i’m not doing anything illegal – so let them waste their time.

  • gnilpik1

    It’s strange that a few days after Trump states he was being spied on during his campaign (and perhaps has no proof of it) Wikileaks comes out and releases Vault 7, which pretty much shows they could have easily gained access to any of his devices. This is not the first instance I have seen Wikileaks come to the rescue during his campaign, maybe there is collaboration between Trump and Assange.

  • Lionel Castillo

    Well I just finished watching the 4 hours of Alex Jones upload today. There’s a guy named Paul Joseph who reports for InfoWars, who at the last of the 4 hours, revealed that the idea of the US gov spying on US citizens through technology has been around since the 90s. I am not surprised. What I am surprised about is the extent of it, that even if your smart tv or phone are turned off, they may still record. Ultimately for advertising purposes? Bull shit. Well, half bull.

  • starbattles1

    Proves you’re being spied on. I don’t have smart shit.
    No mic or camera on my pc.
    I do question that cable box DVR staring at me though. There could be a camera and I’d never know it.

  • starbattles1

    Trump cant change everything. But he can influence everything. Manipulate everything. All of which takes time. He’s going against the shadow government so it’s going to be a long hard battle. Nothing quick and easy. You should know this. Gotta let him do his thing.

  • Boo

    It gets even more interesting when you realize this is just a small piece of the technology puzzle about to roll out in the next couple of years.  Unsettled finding out how many ways the intelligence agency’s can spy on your every move?  What if you found out there is technology in play where they will be able to control your every move starting 2018?  Ever heard of smart shoes? Or smart clothes? BIG Hint: Check out the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona this past week.

  • Lucy Astutely

    This is why I’ve never owned a cell phone… this ‘conspiracy theory’ has been out for years and everyone pooh-poohed and laughed about it. People with smart TVs and the like, now that’s stupidity! The only thing smart in my house is myself.

  • The Trumpian

    Although they can spy on anyone I seriously doubt they are interested in any of us. They want to spy on significant people.

  • whats next

    Who or what is in control of the shadow govt? I would say who ever has control of the NSA spy grid and CIA. This allows what ever is running things to monitor the govt employees and contractors and decide if they need to be fired or reassigned to jobs where they get eliminated or contained. Some how I don’t thing there is a Mr. Who that is super smart and running thing. So my next idea is what is running things.

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