Stephen Hawking Warns of New World Order Agenda

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Stephen Hawking Warns of New World Order Agenda.
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spiritual warfare
new world order illuminati
wiretapping trump tower
stephen hawking
nuclear war
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  • Melody

    he is a little late don’t you think, lol.we have all been warning of it for a long timr, he is tardy for the party.

  • Melody

    so the Rothchilds are so desperate, they have a new spokesperson, steven hawking is too late, rather die free that be a slave.

  • Pola Gerloff

    that guy putting shit on that scum bag CNN reporter is truely a classic..LMAO..😂 wish i could’ve been there..PRICELESS HAHAHA

  • StealthyMonk

    What did Hawkins the physicist have to say about the physically impossible explanation of the 3 towers that collapsed on 9/11?

  • Mike Harrison

    N. Korea strike? Well, if it had to happen, even though Hawaii is DEM, I would prefer Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and add Chicago, Baltimore, NY City & what the hell, the whole state of Vermont, instead.

  • ArchitectOfSound01

    You have to remain critical. I have my doubts because Stephan Hawking’s electronic voice is susceptible to being controlled by others. How would you know?

  • Jamie B

    A whole hour, for a couple minutes about Hawkins. The rest was you just babbling on and on, you could have said everything in a minute or two, lame!!!!!!

  • BrothaRobMusic

    as smart as he is why he’s not a cyborg yet? I would have design me some legs long ago instead of being bind to a wheelchair. People just feel sorry for him, that’s the reason he has a voice. he doesn’t even believe in God

  • Alex G

    I said the same thing Lord Jesus Lol I know a war is coming soon. But remember god will win and he is always in control in all of this!! evil people will be in hell for eternally!! and the Christian’s will be in heaven eternally!! God will put a end to this!!

  • Fernando Ramos

    Befor I ever sub to your private channel I would love to know; to who you are acountable to Christopher Green?

  • Justin Smit

    Chemtrails were terrible in the valley three weeks ago. Ironically, they made an anarchist A symbol in the sky

  • FromHere2Eternity

    Isn’t hawking apart of the nwo ?
    There are photos of hawking at Jeffery’s Pedo island 😣
    I do not believe a STINKIN’ WORD HAWKING SAYS.
    Hawking makes my skin crawl 😖

  • Nikki

    Hawking talks so much shit that makes puke. Who’s paying attention to what he is saying? He really needs attention.

  • nevin g

    Talking? Epitome of Rothschilds’ MARIONETTE PUPPET; they’re LTAO world’s smartest man is literally their ‘DUMMY’

  • BeautyTagr

    I’ve been sooooo insanely tired, they’ve been spraying chemtrails here in Southern California, bad! just put 2 and 2 together when you mentioned the chemtrails…

  • Catherine Fredericks

    Hawkins has no belief in God. He only believes in himself. He is a sicko and I don’t believe a word he says. Yes I believe in NWO but not him he is evil. The only other Spirits are Angels and demons.

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