Canada Attempts To Stop “Russian Aggression”

As NATO prepares for a summit in Warsaw, Canada has been asked to participate in a military deployment in the Baltic Sea region. The purpose is to counter Putin’s so-called Russian aggression and expansionism. Not since the days of the Soviet Union has NATO been so aggressive towards Russia, especially as Western forces move in on territory once under Russian influence.


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  • Anthony Possnett

    Fellow Canadian here who used to live in the US… the US and its puppets
    in NATO are the worldwide aggressors. I wish more people would see this and
    pull their heads out of the sand.

  • navtel

    Canada, stay the hell out of the baltic sea region.. stop being a lapdog to
    the american war mongering pig dogs.. Justin, do what we elected you to do
    and this is not sucking the dick of america..

  • Xeno Phon

    There hasnt been a Canada since we allowed the Gov General to shut down our
    parliament just as they were about to vote out Harper the Douche. We had
    our chance to stand up for our right to a true government, we pissed it
    away….. and then elected another corrupt, americanized closet fascist.

    The only way for Canada to prove it is not an aggressive entity on the
    world stage is to distance itself from its terrorist neighbors to the south
    and STOP joining in on illegal wars for profit.

  • Press For Truth

    NATO is clearly the aggressor here, it’s time to counter the propaganda!
    Share this video ;)

  • JohnnySemor

    lil’Justin is such a moron; he could have repaired the damage done by
    Neocon Harper with Russia, but instead he is failing on this too.

  • Tom D

    I disagree with your assessment of the situation in the Baltic states and
    Poland. It was the governments of Baltic states and Poland (represented by
    the right wing of political spectrum) which pushed for larger NATO presence
    in those countries. This has solely defensive purpose and represent the
    drop in the bucket compared to Russian forces on their western border and
    in the Kaliningrad’ region.

  • BiddieTube

    NATO is Terrorist Protect Canada from NATO ! Russia has done great job
    fighting terrorists, something USA and NATO only contribute to and support
    the terrorists.

  • Dee lunarfox

    The more Canadians grovels to Israel, the more Canadians will be told which
    country that hasn’t been looted by the west to hate. Russia is waiting for
    this retarded unrealistic plan the west has to take over the world to run
    out of money which the western world is, why do you think Alberta passed
    the carbon tax so shadily & why this country is being over taken by
    immigrants who are given special perks, along with our leaders spending
    more money than the country actually has, while female feminist politicians
    publicly steal tax payers money while telling the people to shut up & quit
    being insensitive. Ever notice these sleazy con artist shit always claim
    their not the aggressors when they totally are acting like them.

  • not2tees

    It’s so stressful thinking . . . it tends to lead to the disturbing thought
    that maybe we aren’t the Good Guys . . .

  • Raging Humanist

    Rofl Canada couldnt stop Latvia, let alone Russia. 1,000 troops is a joke
    and wont even slow them down – its preposterous and all of those soldiers
    would be dead before they knew what happened.
    I did 13 years in the combat arms in Canada – we are outgunned in every
    possible way by the Russians. This is total lunacy.

  • stangeriam

    “We are always looking for leaders – a better political leader than the
    present one. And the better political leader is always not good enough
    but the next one will be better. And so we keep this idea. So we are
    asking – there is no leader here, please let’s be clear on this point.
    There is no leader as far as I am concerned. You can create the speaker
    into a leader, which will be utter folly, but the speaker is not a
    leader. We are together co-operating to discover the cause of all this
    misery of man. You have had a thousand leaders. They have all failed.
    Right? So it isn’t that we must have self confidence, or that we must
    rely on ourselves – we have also done that, that hasn’t lead very far.
    Whereas if we can co-operate together in our enquiry, find out why the
    human beings are what they are now”

  • C VanWyck


  • Karl Carlson

    Neither side is a lesser evil. This is nothing but a fake choise between
    the devil and the deep blue see. Sorry Dan but slowly but surely I have the
    feeling that you’re starting to regurgitate Russian / BRICS mainstream
    media. You’ve become something you never wanted to become. For a change,
    please be just as critical towards Russia as you are with the west.

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