The TPP What You’re Not Being Told

There’s a reason this is being hidden from the public.
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    • Star Kaizer

      +Nick Vevang This guy is an idiot, but he’s so far up his own ass that he
      thinks he’s right about everything. So he’s not only an idiot, he’s a
      delusional idiot.

    • Nick Vevang

      You still call these people conspiracy theorists, although what he is
      talking about is public knowledge? Youre an idiot

    • Star Kaizer

      +TheBiddofslayer58 Just saying Blocked over & over like a broken record
      isn’t gonna get rid of me. Wow, Broken Record is actually a perfect
      description of you.

  • Eric Fartman

    It seems that the powers that be want to have complete control over
    information. Because once you control information, you control the people.
    The internet is the last bastian of free speech and is now under attack…

  • minor0confusion

    how many rich will it take befor the police/army/doctors are poor like the
    other 90% of the population? shit like this is why politicians need to
    hide/have bodyguards.
    if you create desperate times, your RESPONCIBLE for the desperate measures
    taken against you! why dont they all just fuck off into the hole they have
    ready and PRETEND they wiped the population off the planet.

    you know your safe when there trying to get more of there fake money out of
    us.. id start worrying when they dont care about there profits anymore. as
    its all nonsense. the idea of money is to get the worth
    (work/services/labour) from the people for nothing in return.. meaning they
    still need people for services/labour/work.

    bring on the nwo.. motherfuckers will have to DRAG me away from a bloody
    corpse or two if they come to my house

  • slightlyjamaicanman

    I think there will be a civil war before we see another world war,
    especially in America. The steady militarisation of the police force and
    increase in civilian surveillance is pretext for them assuming people will
    rise up no?

  • MadmanEpic

    *”There is a time and a place for being polite. This is not one of them.”*
    I don’t know why, but that’s just such a powerful quote to me.

  • D D.T.

    This means I will not be voting Conservative on October 19th. We need to
    get Harper the fuck out of office. I’d vote for a party that is for armed
    citizens; I just don’t think there are any in Canada. I’ll have to vote for
    some joke party. Anything will do.

  • Zeyu Guo

    Congratulations! This video is cited by China’s media ( for
    Propaganda against US!
    Check here if you read Chinese:
    I am not saying the opinion in this video is wrong. But I found it ironic
    that StormCloudsGathering, who described himself as someone “against the
    Orwelification of social order”, made a video that helps CCP brainwash
    Chinese people.

  • Energy Turtle

    Fast track authority (TPA) was first implemented and carried out by Nixon
    to carry out foreign negotiations behind closed doors and away from
    Congress’ input. It promotes secret alliance and is in fact
    unconstitutional. The agreement expired until its resurrection in 2002 by
    the Bush Administration, from there we get WTO. Since then it was up to
    Obama and his administration to have to rights to obtain it’s powers. His
    primary motive, however, was to refine relations with Asiatic countries
    through the TPP, which is an offset from the TPA. Recently, he was finally
    successful in this and has obtained TPA power. Both the TPA and TPP only
    empower the executive branch and lessen the power from remaining branches.
    It is not concerned with national representatives, and is indeed a power
    grab that weakens the checks and balances system. The primary objective
    seems to be along the lines of unifying world powers and isolating their
    authority to only a select few. The reason why TPA AND TPP was not reported
    so heavily is not because it is ‘boring’, it is because the higher
    authority does not wasn’t commotions to be risen.

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