EMERGENCY REPORT – 2nd TPP Sneak Attack Coming This Tuesday!

The push to ram the TPP and TTIP down our throats isn’t over. They are hoping you aren’t paying attention.
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  • Alan Williams

    Good stuff….glad to see you are back. TOPIC REQUEST – Greece just
    defaulted on 1.8 Billion to the IMF.

  • CanadaDig

    Stay vigilant but storm cloud fell for FAKE CHARLESTON SHOOTING, same day
    it passed…..you work for the govt

  • ryan lynch

    StormCloudsGathering what has happened to your domain, I can’t get on to

  • Macc Mosley (MrMosley)

    Why were not in full blown revolt by now is beyond me,our Government is no
    longer ours,they no longer fear the people. It’s time we took it all back.
    What people need to realize is this country can be overthrown without a
    single bullet being fired,if everyone just came together 1 day a month and
    marched on their doorsteps this country could be fixed in a year. We’ve
    lost our spines,we’ve become cowardly slaves to money and allowed those
    with it to make us feel inferior,when in all actuality were the strong
    we’ve got the numbers,their the weak. They just have us all down here
    acting like stupid teenagers letting our petty insecurities keep us
    fighting the wrong fight. Can you imagine if we all came together? 

  • propaganda

    my own perspective is that they thought we were the frog in the pan as they
    slowly turned up the heat, but they’re about to find out what happens if
    you mistake a human for a frog.

  • I'm Throwing Up

    TPP, Thieves Porking Public: Bend over, they are gonna screw over the world with your permission or not. Permission? When was the last time anybody in government actually fixed something instead of messing it up and hiding it in a bunch of big words and long documents of bullshit? Now hand the world over to the corporations set-up by the bankers that screwed greece, russia, america, china, india and the rest of the world? Stupid people!

  • jake snake

    rest assured, your rights won’t be taken from you. the reason for this
    isn’t because the powers that be would never try, its because it isn’t
    within their ability to do so. your rights aren’t suspended because someone
    else says so. authority only exists by consent. no one can provide you with

  • Rabbi Glickman


    Ha ha!

    “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.” – Stalin

    G-d’s Chosen Ones rule America!

  • Btmfgreat

    The TPP is small fish in a much more lucrative, dangerous, radically
    conservative pond.

    Who here is so detached politically they believe the TAA would’ve passed
    without a conservative majority? Anyone?

    SCG should be focusing on the hubs of corruption threatening democracy, not
    a single piece of legislation they spawn.

    Hubs like CLUB FOR GROWTH which raises money to out primary any republican
    not towing the wealth protecting line. CITIZENS UNITED, the conservative
    legislation providing corporations the same rights as individuals while
    removing campaign limits so that elections may be purchased.
    CAMPAIGN FINANCE, the conservative organization which determines what
    policies every republican politician must impliment(lower wages, wealthy
    tax cuts, military engagement, etc.)

    Who here really believes contacting your elected representative, without
    some large campaign donation(bribe), will change anything? It won’t. When
    you elect the devil to do your biding you lose your right to have a change
    of heart. It’s time Americans wake up and acknowledge the root of
    corruption and quit crying over seeds wealthy greed produce. This goes
    equally for conservatives and those who don’t stand up against them on
    Election Day.

  • guillermo sanchez

    At first I thought nothing about trump being elected laughing it off now I
    just shat myself thinking what he would do with that much fucking power

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