This Is What a Police State Looks Like #NoDAPL

Derrick Broze reports back from Standing Rock, North Dakota, the site of conflict between water protectors and local police. Broze goes into detail to show the actions of the police and the role of provocateurs.

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  • Franklin Sukmynutz

    Wow that is fucking intense. Thank you so much for recording this!
    Definitely sharing on all social media outlets

  • Bonnie Eiler

    Thank you for bringing awareness to this situation. Stay safe and may the
    prayers of the Sioux people be answered swiftly.

  • Truth teller

    The USA has not been a free country for a long time. It is run by and for
    the mega corporations. They regard the average person as sheep to be

  • JohnLothe

    You’ll notice the stark difference between the way these protesters
    conducted their protest and the Bundy Ranchers conducted theirs. Chiefly
    the Bundy Ranchers had armed men who were we’ll trained and organized. I
    don’t see any organization here save for the state, the protesters look
    like a a generic band of hooligans no offense intended but honestly they
    resmebled the “protesters” who burned down a few city blocks during the BLM
    “protest” than anything resembling the civil rights movement of which so
    many claim to be in the vain of. The fact that they were easily infiltrated
    and that they allowed those agents to set the governments staged vehicles
    ablaze also speaks to their disorganization. This is not how we should
    protest, unorganized mobs of angry people hurling insults and slurs and
    then when their being pushed back and attacked switch over to cooing and
    calling their oppressors “brothers” is terrible form. These men are not
    your brothers, if they were they’d not be holding weapons and directing
    them at women and children. If they were our brothers they’d not be
    covering their faces in disgrace and shame (some of them don’t even have
    the decency to do this and proudly sneer at the plight of these people so
    what does that tell you.)

    If you want results, organize, arm yourselves and make your stand. If this
    water is worth fighting for, I assume it is worth dying for. The Bundy
    Ranchers took their birth right into their own hands and met the state with
    the only thing that the state recognizes, the threat of death, and stood
    them down. The fiasco at the National Park was poorly planned and poorly
    executed true, but as you have no doubt seen they were still all acquitted
    as they committed NO CRIME. Bearing arms in defense of the people suffering
    under a tyrannical government is not a crime.

    Thank you for covering and putting yourself at risk to bring us this
    footage Brother, but please don’t encourage their bad tactics. These people
    are going to get hurt, and locked up and their land is still going to be
    abused unless they get organized, get armed and get trained. And no amount
    of singing and chanting will wake these men up. They have already sold
    themselves over and unless you present yourselves in an organized and
    armed, BUT PEACEFUL manner, meaning no offensive, aggressive, unnecessary
    and largely empty language, (similar to as the Bundy Ranchers did and many
    more will soon enough I’m sure) they are going to continue to set you up
    and steam roll you like they are doing and like they have done time and
    time again. Be Safe you guys, but more importantly, be smart.

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