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  • AKlover

    Hey Ben the FDA kills plenty of people by halting progress unnecessarily ,
    the system is utterly fucking broken. So why have it at all…….where
    there is will there should be a waiver.

  • 247websolutions

    Congress is to blame for delegating their responsibilities to all of the
    alphabet agencies so that they can appear blameless to the public that
    re-elects them. The problem is not big pharma or the FDA it is the
    worthless scroundrels in Congress!

  • fabuliciousbsd

    Ben you are something else man. Thank you for your amazing work, I truly
    appreciate it. If only more people were listening to you!

  • LibertarianTV

    Ben Swann is really a liar…accutane saved my life and the slightly higher
    rate of suicide among people taking that drug isn’t the consequence of the
    drug itself, the reason is simply those are people having, by definition,
    extremely difficult issues with acnea, so exterme that it leads to
    depression and therefore in some cases suicide. Thanks GOD accutane isn’t
    baned ! So take care of your own business and stop deciding for other what
    drugs they can or can’t use.

  • Charles Eye

    Simple recourse. Every penny of the profits from such activities should be
    seized. The victims should get whatever percentage is necessary to cover
    their recovery and the rest should be returned to the rest of the people
    who bought the drug. This, of course, is on top of any civil compensation
    anyone should want to sue for, nit in place of it. Plus, all parties
    responsible should be held criminally responsible.

  • CmdrGendoIkari

    Maximum profit really is the only thing the big pharmaceutical corporations
    give a fuck about. They couldn’t care any less that you died, so long as
    they made money off of you first.

  • vintasalo

    Largest drug dealers in the world… They lobby to make drugs illegal
    because they hate competition!

  • kmg501

    This is beginning to sound like Swann is pitching material to eventually
    steer people towards a single payer health system which would be a complete
    disaster. The problem with big pharma is cronyism and accountability. But
    this isn’t a problem limited to big pharma, this is a problem that has
    infected many markets with the cancer of cronyism. I’m wondering if Swann
    is going to at some point make a case for liberty and accountability. Or in
    otherwords, has Swann also sold out to special interests.

  • FreedomThroughPower

    We need Amazon style reviews for medicine. The FDA just gives people a
    false sense of security and people don’t research drugs before they take
    them. We need to get rid of the FDA because then people would research
    drugs before taking them.
    The supplement industry doesn’t have that false sense of security (the FDA)
    and people do research before taking supplements and not that many people
    die from supplements.

  • Helena Romao

    My cat went crazy and blind after eating cat biscuits…she is well now but
    never did recover her sight…completely blind, although nothing seems
    wrong with her …amazing…the corporations are poisoning pet foods.

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