In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV and John Moore reports on North Korea Pawn of China to Launch Nucleat Attack.

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  • chocodoggy1

    Christopher, GREAT VIDEO and topic. Always enjoy hearing John Moore. He is a very interesting guy. Also liked your questions as you were interviewing him. Great Job. I am really hoping that there is a part 2, 3, 4 etc… this, it was that interesting. Anyways, as always, AMTV is Kicking Ass out here in Arizona and throughout the World. Always, “Hard Hitting and in your Face”. AMTV. Keep it up Chris, TJ

  • M Bick1mon

    JR Moore has an excellent daily show. I highly recommend to anyone trying to learn about self-reliant lifestyles. And about Naval facts not known to the general public. Thank you Chris for bringing him on!

  • EyesOpen37

    Jesus Henry you did do it. Moore is full of shit!!!! Fuck Chris, you have officially lost me buddy and have gone off the deep end. Look at the video I did on him on my channel !!! Plus his nasal breathing makes me wanna stab my ears with pencils.

  • EyesOpen37

    I hope you are reading me Chris. Sorry but I couldnt stand by and watch you look like a moron and lose street credit because of this dipshit. You know I’m right.

  • Hammad Ah

    US Military industrial complex has no interest in fighting China or N Korea.

    US evangelicals and Zionist are only interested in attacking Muslim countries. Iran is top of the agenda.

  • Oliver Ottmar

    fucking ww3 fearmongering, trump asskissing and bullshit

    there is no alternative media anymore you are all sellouts like infowars alternative media is the same shit as mainstream media but in a different packaging
    fuck you all

  • MGTOWTakeru

    The American way of life is to do with peace through trade? Bullshit! Apparently this guy is living in an alternate Universe because Slavery, colonialism, and imperialism and the profiting of world war 2 had nothing to with the rise of America as a world superpower. No America mainly relied on diplomacy to gain its status.

  • mcksean

    this guy is full of Shit . ” the American Paradigm is to do it by peaceful means” hmmmm If I listed the countries America Fucked up just as a profit maker for the Military Industrial Complex I’d be hear all fuckin day Including the illegal invasion of Vietnam that this guy was part of , America does not do peace  , Period.

  • Don

    If I listen to this without looking I would almost be convinced that Owen Wilson was talking, Christopher sounds very similar to him imo

  • John Bennett

    This guy is a total fool, has he been asleep for the last 40 years? America has raped and pillaged the world and anyone who doesn’t bend over gets invaded and destroyed. This was the biggest pile of garbage I’ve ever heard.

  • Steven Steven

    I live near where the only sleeper cell ever taken down prior to an attack The Lackawanna Six that was when I woke up. I wanted to know how this could happen. What I found out was Chuck Schumer when asked in an interview how he let them in? He responded saying that these people are allies like The Hill People of Vietnam if we didn’t take them in they would no longer be our allies. The numbers of middle eastern that moved in is just crazy we have a high population they could blend into the population and never be seen yet they are highly noticeable. Rent in most areas has tripled and that is not because we have the jobs that can support the higher rent its a supply and demand thing.

  • Mizole Ni

    This guy reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. You’re so alarmist with your cap locks titles and your ww3 posts 3 times a week that rational people are gonna dismiss your claims whether or not there’s even an iota of truth within your videos.

    I’ll sometimes watch them for a 3 minutes to get the point, but if you think anyone who’s looking for the actual truth and not just taking a side has enough time to watch your videos is, in my opinion, very delusional and not very self-critical.

    You are the literal definition of fake-news my friend. I tried to give you a chance but your stuff is simply click-bait. You ain’t convincing anyone of anything who isn’t convinced before they click your videos. In fact, I’d go as far to say that shows like this are almost giving mainstream media some credibility.

    Some simple suggestions:

    -Clear, concise, factual evidence, backed by a possible slideshow for resources and web-links from where your receiving this information. (See Stefan Molyneux for reference)

    -No more of these wasted tangents, present arguments, go through the points, possibly some counterarguments, then let us, the audience come to our own conclusions

    Just these two things when you’re discussing geopolitical events make so much more sense, you’re obviously not on the front-lines, and there seems to be some glaring conformation biases in your vids. If you wanna go down the rabbit hole, bring a fucking pen and paper and some actual points, otherwise people won’t follow you down there.

    My two-cents.

  • peter pan

    How’s the multimillion life Chris!. Does that not make you same as the rich!?. Taking money off the dumbed downed, feared little confused subscribers and promote , promote promote your own companies. MISDIRECTION Christopher- very smart also very stupid..

  • trans7trip

    Did he just spend the first half talking about the US role in destabilizing and destroyiung the Midle East for our profit, and in the next sentence say we gain dominance ‘through peaceful means’, unlike China???!!!

  • joanna pitoscia

    Christopher you know the video above this one they let u speak up to the. point when u say Chine…..cuts off. Damnthe really are infringing on our freedom of speech. Have a good day brother God Bless & keep’em coming.

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