In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports (WW3) JAPAN WARSHIP DEPLOYS TO SOUTH CHINA SEA IN SHOW OF FORCE.
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    your sensationalizing this piece. It is fear mongering . The facts are japan is sending the warship to India for war games. secondly the facts are Korea can reach hawaii if it wanted. your trying to make a lot of drama. . Your blowing this way out. LOL. to funny. Your like Alex Jones.

  • Harry Kuehn

    Chris I must tell you this is miss direction by the Western Powers which also means Japan. China military as well as Russia’s will be big enough and advanced enough to take America on their own let alone together. China and Russia are the greatest threat to Western power since Adolf Hitler and the German war machine, the difference being they could in 20 years or less defeat badly the US NATO war machine reducing it to rubble. Something the West cannot allow.

  • Jeff Thomas

    Remember Japan also sent its largest force to Midway and we know what happened. When these countries ANNOUNCE they are sending ships and troops NOTHING will happen because when the big bang does happen we will ALL be surprised. But just in case something happens I have my mac n cheese, bottle of water and chop sticks


    Your ;picking and choosing other peoples bullshit and formulating a real pile of bullshit. . get a real Job. I travel all over the world and you are laughed at. people dont believe this. This guy is a buffoon. That was funny. HG wells

  • This Music Bangin Yo

    So, what does it all mean? Is there any thing that will happen with Korea? What about Russia? What the hell is even going on? No fear mongering, what is the truth?

  • Deborah Ann Trenga Myers

    the chess pieces have been on the board for a long…long…long time.
    what if 22degree were all three meet is the flash flag mark and Japan will sacrifice one off their small island for the war to take place!

  • sumereye regime

    Have you seen Japanese porn? The rulers there are ABSOLUTELY FUCKED. Seems China and Japan are ZZionist controlled, just like AMTV and it’s stupid red rectangle symbol. FUCK OFF!

  • Benjamin Rose

    Keep laughing shyt phucks most of you have never lived through a world war you will soon find out.
    ww1 came ww2 came why not ww3? 
    Woe means destruction
    The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe (ww3) cometh quickly
    And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe,(ww1ww2ww3) to the inhabiters of the earth

  • Margaret Walker

    Chris, you proclaim to be Christian: Matt.24 says “see that you be not troubled; these things MUST COME to pass”. No end yet, he said. It’s about over when they drag the Christian into court where he has to rely on GOD for every word out of his mouth, and brother BETRAYS brother to DEATH. The BIG BAD ONE (WWIII) comes AFTER that season: WWIII will be at the DOORS of the Second Coming, AFTER the martyrdom of Christians. Don’t worry until you are asked to DIE for your faith – then you’d better have it TOGETHER – and I hope you’ve DUMPED those flat-earthers that are TESTING your intelligence for laughs. Meanwhile MAN LIKES WARS, and has ever since the beginning – so since God’s determination is to “gather all nations and vent His fury (Zeph.3)”, not to worry – we’re still living in America with enough freedom to walk out our front doors anytime we choose. Don’t worry: be happy.

  • Milos Djeric

    For Japan is not enough that their radiation of their stupidity destroying our planet now they want war…People newer learn i tought that war is a past now we hawe tehnology but no they still live from 19 century….

  • Margaret Walker

    Japan can take care of herself, and believe me Russia and China won’t take a BACKSEAT to “Un” anything! The guy can’t even control his diet or cut a decent haircut, he’s so immature. You don’t see North Korea in Bible prophecy at all. Their leader isn’t a decent person.

  • fluxingn

    I will LMAO if the Japanese ship gets sunk. The Chinese have really bad memories of the Japanese. There is no love lost there.


    nothing happens of this magnatude unless the Elites say so…. If anything happens the game has already been played in a secluded room full of Elites, winners and losers have already been made.. Just investigate WW2, same thing hapoened then…

  • datrelle g

    just open a couple walmarts and family dolla or dolla generals in japan and start buyin tons of cheap Chinese junk garbage like gringos in the west and the chicoms will leave your ass alone

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