In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Neiman Marcus Fire Sales Assets as Third of Shopping Malls Close in America..
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  • Gene O

    THe mall here in Hermitage Pa. is getting ready to close! Macys and Sears Went out of business! There is no way it could survive with these 2 stores closing and it is a rather small mall!

  • James West

    I remember when Reagan was president the news media would look hi and low for a few homeless bums so they could blame Reagan for homeliness.

  • Travis Pavlik

    “Maybe Barack Obama and his underlings come here for their Freemason illuminated, Illumunati meetings at night” LMAO

  • Victoria Francois

    Malls charge way to much to have a store in them plus people are broke its not just amazon that’s killing them

  • ricky hawkins

    pleas people is you move from cali leave your moronic stupid cuck liberals ideas in california we dont want them

  • Morti Dadirector

    Too many mass riots and youth attacks in the malls across America. Hell with that, avoid them at ALL costs, protect your family and yourself from the gangs of ” smash and grab” garbage lbag ooters in the malls! The malls only invite the urban thugs and drunks to the food courts thus a mega blow out. Shop online, 100% safer.

  • nyctreeman

    Let me educate you just a bit on this subject. – Malls are closing IN PART because of the internet sales, where the overhead is basically a warehouse and shipping. But there are some other KEY FACTORS including enormous rents … why are rents enormous? partly because of the MIND BOGGLING real estate taxes on these places where up to a third of your rent is the fucking real estate tax … and that is just the tip of the leftist money grabbing iceberg, insurance liabilities, peripheral fees and taxes and penalties and it goes on and on.

    Hey, ya know what? fuck these malls anyway, they suck and they are dinosaurs of the past and they ruin neighborhoods and small businesses … which are beginning to make a modest comeback by the way.

    When automobiles finally began to displace horse and buggy, I’m sure all the buggy whip makers and buggy blanket weavers were not happy … but hey, did you know that most auto body manufacturers came from the horse drawn coach era?

    Things change, new business emerges, old ones die out … welcome to the real world

  • ionlyemergeafterdark

    I agree with disenchantment with Trump. I supported him because he said he would leave other countries alone. Now he has droned civilians in Yemen and invaded Syria. I am disgusted.

  • Monica King

    With all the money we’re having to pay for Obamacare and never being able to reach our deductibles, who can afford to go shopping?

  • Eugene Fisher

    I stopped going to shopping malls in my teens. We miss these places now! They’re all slowly dying and no one sees it. More of wealthy seizing power

  • Claudia

    I have been shopping online since 2004. Agression escalated in malls after 911 and has only gotten worse. On the other hand online shopping is easier, comes right to your door or work, and shipping cost are lower and a lot of times free. If I really want to go to a store for something I need asap I go to a small shopping strip, just in and out. Besides, people really don’t have money to just aimlessly walk around the mall to see what they might want to buy any more.

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